Condemned on Blues

Opening night

The Main Stage
2 h 25 min.

Regular Tickets:
60 – 95 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
50 – 85 zł




| 18.00
| 19.00
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Arkadiusz Jakubik text adaptation and direction
Jarosław Staniek movement 
Joanna Macha stage design 
Agnieszka Werner costumes 
Olaf Deriglasoff music director 
Adam Snopek vocal and music coach 
Maria Machowska lightning director and operator
Mirosław Witek sound operator  
Zbigniew Wróbel director’s assistant
Radek Zielonka scenographer’s assistant  
Małgorzata Orzechowska poster 
Dagmara Habryka / Marcin Całka stage manager 
Maria Krupa prompter
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot


Maciej Lipina (since September 2014) / Tomasz Kowalski (till June 2014) /  Rysiek
Ewa Kutynia Transparent Girl (Gola)
Dariusz Chojnacki / Marcin Szaforz Indianer 
Adam Baumann Militiaman (Father)
Karol Huget / Tymoteusz Huget / Franciszek Borgiel (guest appearance) Boy (Bastek)
Alina Chechelska Woman from Art Folk Shop (Mother, Principal)
Ewa Leśniak Woman with Shopping Bags (Gola’ Mother)
Andrzej Warcaba Tramp (Band’s Manager)
Grzegorz Przybył Master (Corporal, Radio Engineer, Doctor)
Zbigniew Wróbel Clert (Gruber, Carataker, Soldier)

Adam Snopek (guest appearance) Berger 
Maciej Lipina (guest appearance) Adam
Grzegorz Lamik Groom (Andrzej, Trader)
Katarzyna Błaszczyńska / Dorota Chaniecka Bride (Baśka)
Karina Grabowska / Dorota Chaniecka Plastic Barbara (Blondi, Doper Girl, Nurse)
Ryszard Zaorski / Antoni Gryzik General (Neighbour, Insurgent II)
Teresa Kałuda / Maria Stokowska Old Saint Woman with Pram (Principal)

Marek Orłowski (guest appearance) Blue Buddha (Insurgent I)
Maria Baładżanow (Theatre School) Naked Woman  (Barmaid)
Jan Bulla (gościnnie) Man Carrier Bag
Oskar Mafa (Theatre School) Black Pitman 
Piotr Nowak (guest appearance) Little Vasyl
Wojciech Żak (Theatre School) Cardboard Angel
Sebastian Krysiak Gray 
Sebastian Zastróżny Dark Grey

Adam Snopek keyboards 
Paweł Ambroziak / Maciej Lipina guitar 
Sebastian Kret guitar
Ronald Tuczykont bass guitar
Przemysław Smaczny drums




Almost 4 000 tickets sold in a month since opening night! Teatr Śląski first in Poland staged Angerman’s and Kidawa-Błoński’s film story. An adaptator and director is Arkadiusz Jakubik. After auditions main character part went to Tomasz Kowalski, winner of the 4th edtion of "Must Be the Music" tv progamme (T.K. after bike accident was substituted since September by Maciej Lipina, frontman of Ścigani band). 

Dozen or so Teatr Śląski actors, band on stage, Silesian naive painters atmosphere and immortal songs of Dżem make touching story about friendship, freedom and love but above all about not always victorious fight with oneself. 

Maciej Lipina (from 2014 impersonator of Rysiek Riedel in the performance) – vocalist, guitar player, composer, lyricist and music educator. Founder and leader of "Ścigani" band. Leading voice on acoustic album of KAT Acoustic 8 Films, legend of Polish rock and metal. One of six soloists (beside Hanna Banaszak, Beata Rybotycka, Elżbieta Towarnicka, Zbigniew Wodecki and Jacek Wójcicki) in oratorio by Jan Kanty-Pawluśkiewicz and Leszek Aleksander Moczulski – Ludzimierz Vespers.

Tematyka Śląska Spektakl Muzyczny Bestseller Prapremiera


Stage adaptation is daring. I’m greatly impressed. Due to original use of those [Silesian] symbols  magic dream about Rysiek was created. Yes, today in theatre I had a dream about Rysiek… 

Beno Otręba, Dżem’s bassist, in commentary for Katowice edition of "Gazeta Wyborcza" 


Performance directed by A. Jakubik, outstanding actor from W. Smażowski’s films, has one great trump-card: Tomasz Kowalski as lead actor, who has phenomenal voice and brilliant sense of blues. 



Arkadiusz Jakubik created Silesian-hippie form of performance, inspired by Szopienice naive painters. He gave troupe freedom aiming not at perfection of details but at force of emotions and collective creation. Non-pro actors turn up there, midget in circus artist costume, mute Silesian insurgents, militiamen, old women and saints and Blue Buddha. 



The effect is incredible. Silesia has blues in its blood. All Silesian feel blues. This music is everlasting, goes to heart of everyone, who listens to it. 

Erwin Sówka, painter from Nikiszowiec in commentary for Katowice edition of "Gazeta Wyborcza" 


"Condemned to Blues" in Teatr Śląski in Katowice is like a drug. It addicts and absorbs with every passing minute. (…) Premiere evening ended with dozen minutes standing ovation, double encors and loud Riedel’s name chanting. 

Marta Odziomek / "Gazeta Wyborcza” Katowice 


We have Przystanek Woodstock Festival in micro-scale plus arena (and lately concert) arrangement customed to theatre space. And it’s positively one of the most intriguing because unpredictable parts of performance to large extent created from emotions existing between audience and actors. 

"Dziennik Zachodni" 


Band accompaning Kowalski on stage (also with Maciek Lipina replacing J. Styczński) played loud, live and perfectly. With every song it remainded how great were songs introduced by Dżemy to the history of Polish pop music.       

"Twój Blues"


The greatest scene of performance is "Letter to M." performed by Riedel-Kowalski, who emacieted by drugs reaches the end of his tether and stands mike in hand to fight for agreement with record lebel (…). Actors manage to make audience red-hot, so we can say even now that beside "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów we have in Silesia region another music-theatre hit. 

blog Miernik Teatru 


Main part is casting bull’s eye. Tomasz "Kowal" (Blacksmith) Kowalski isn’t an actor, on everyday basis he plays with his band FBB in Trzebnica. He was also laureate of TV Polsat talent show "Must Be The Music". . "Kowal" on stage has unassuming charm of non-pro actor, and he sings devilishly well at that. 

"Gazeta Wyborcza" Warszawa 


[Tomasz Kowalski] unholily steals well deserved critics’ compliments for other actors and he (…) gave Riedel second life. 

web page teatrakcje.pl 


Finely programed and bravado done audience music final with Kowalski’s encores, who put in concert mood even the coldest part of an audience, put aside all my personal question marks and hung the great one above a sence of wondering what this whole earlier tale was about; how much biographical truth was there, how much fabrication, how much manipulation, literature-theatre quotations and paraphrases, director’s tribute for the idol or holy and cursed silesianship.

blog Szmaragdowy Śląsk 


It’s a performance about great solitutde, destinated for every Other living outside cofines of thinking of his own clan. 

Marta Fox’es blog


> "The Best", 2013/2014 season, "Teatr" monthly survey; Aneta Kyzioł ("Polityka" weekly), voice and charisma of T. Kowalski, stage Riedel, singing Dżem’s hits; Jacek Sieradzki "Dialog" monthly, stage Riedel; stage service teatralny.pl, T. Kowalski
> Silesia Voivodeship Marshal award for young artist, category Theatre and Music, awarded Tomasz Kowalski. 



> 11th Festival of Polish Contemporary Plays R@PORT in Gdynia
> 46th Jelenia Góra Theatre Meetings
>Presentation of the performance at The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków
>Presentation of the performance at Teatr Polski in Bielsko-Biała
> Presentation of the performance in Krosno during Regionalne Centrum Kultur Pogranicza [Regional Centre of Borderlands Cultures]
> Presentation of the performance at Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury
> Presentation of the performance on Centrum Kultury Muza stage in Lublin
> The open air presentation of the performance in Ruda Śląska