The Muslims

Opening night

The Chamber Stage
1 h 10 min.

Regular Tickets:
35 zł

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30 zł





Piotr Ratajczak directing

Matylda Kotlińska set desing

Arkadiusz Buszko choreography


Ewa Kutynia She-Young

Bogumiła Murzyńska She-Old

Andrzej Dopierała He-Old

Michał Rolnicki He-Young


Politics. Religion. Work. Fury...


You won’t know is it for real. Is it a real alarm or exercises in freight management. You won’t know for sure. Neither before, nor after. You can only believe what they give you to believe. Or not to believe. There’s small chance that in this second, in a moment of explosion you’ll be almost sure it exploded. But maybe not. Maybe the only important thing is that it is you who has to do this bomb. The thing is this way you’ll have full control once in your life – full, absolute control, and in this moment you only decide about yourself and that what’s around you. Only moments are beautiful in our life. Will you sing with me? One… two… three… Fire!

The play is inspired by Oriana Fallaci’s last books, the ones describing her own fear when anticipating a clash of the West and Muslim culture and religion. Events of the performances take place in a mall where workers meet one another during stolen from the system cigarette breaks, bomb alert practice. The Muslims is a story how you manage people using fear and panic. About people who are afraid what next day will bring, who have to cope with a lack of funds, family crises, illness or loosing one’s face, still must decide what do they think about Muslim threat.

On 14th October 2016 there was reading rehearsal open to the audience, when the play still was titled Fury. Next there was a discussion where to the performance should evolve. This reading was repeated during Wrocław Drama Festival in December same year. 

Polecane Studentom Sztuka Współczesna Prapremiera


Muslims [in Polish Muslims, muzułmanie, are also ‘lowest class labourers’; the meaning coming from Nazi concentrations camps slang] are a written straight away comments inspired by workers’ of modern galleys statements, devilishly astute Fallaci’s texts and Artur’s Pałyga own observations. About this that Poland is a country where people work very hard. And that this toiling can be – horror of horrors – taken from us, because the Islamists are coming it seems and they not only pray to other God, but they are also cheap (cheaper then we are!) work force.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" Katowice


Old woman, old man, young woman, young man… Presented impersonally, to homogenize and to show  that working people at some point loose their humanity (…) Muslims is a performance about every one of us, about our fears, problems, mistakes that we uncommonly impute to others blaming them for misfortunes in our life. Muslims are… us.  

Media Uniwersytetu Śląskiego


Play by Artur Pałyga very featly shows that people, society always needs a scapegoat.

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