Beautiful Twentysomethings

Opening night

The Chamber Stage
1 h 15 min.

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35 zł

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Piotr Ratajczak direction
Michał Pabian adaptation and dramaturgy
Matylda Kotlińska stage design, costumes
Adam Zapała visualisation
Arkadiusz Buszko movement
Marcin Müller projections operator
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot



Michał Rolnicki H.
Natalia Jesionowska A / Choir of Good and Bad Memories
Marcin Szaforz C / Choir of Good and Bad Memories
Artur Święs B / Choir of Good and Bad Memories


Arkadiusz Kaliński saxophone
Ronald Tuczykont bass



One should live as one writes or vice versa?

His literary debut was a sensation, short live full of provocations, and death – a mystery. Beautful twentysomething. Airport lounge, boarder, no-man’s-land and only one man: Marek Hłasko. Performance on Polish literatur icon, rebel by choice, eternal immigrant directed by P. Ratajczak, and adaptation of cult novel did M. Pabian. Lead part is played by M. Rolnicki, who does quiet confession about his literary and social life. Four actors are accompanied by jazz musicians improvising live on stage.

"Beautiful Twentysomethings" on Chamber Stage isn’t  only  a story on Hłasko the author but also a kind of guidebook to communist Poland, then places and events that put young artists’ imagination on fire. The book was published in Paris in 1966 and in Poland – because of censorship – only 20 years later. Hłasko’s autobiographical novel is one of these works that make literary experts quarrel. It was a starting point of many myths and legends created around the author.

Notion about staging of this play was given a honourary mention in The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute Contest "Live Classic" – staging was given funds and invitation to all-Poland contest. Presentations will be accompanied by many educational activities, engaging Katowice dwellers in discovering M. Hłasko’s marks in contemporary reality.

Production of the performance was co-financed within a scope of "Live Classics" Old Works of Polish Literature Staging Contest made on occasion of 250th anniversary of public theatre in Poland. The contest is organised by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

"Live Classics" Old Works of Polish Literature Staging Contest organised by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute is one of the most important events done in celebration of 250th anniversary of public theatre in Poland.

The goal of the contest is intensifying Polish classic texts presence in contemporary theatres repertoires, awarding the most interesting interpretations of an old literature and also supporting searchings of forgotten works of a past, deserving significant place in collective memory.

In the contest take part drafts of performances and productions of Polish texts written before the year 1969 (that is Witold Gombrowicz year of death). The most interesting projects choosen during first stage of the contest were given Ministry’s of Culture and National Heritage funds to make a production. Choice was made by Artistic Committee comprising outstanding experts on theatre and drama. During second stage Jury appraises mainly performances – these recommended by Artistic Committee and other opened between 26th September 2013 and 31st August 2015.

More informactions: www.klasykazywa.pl and www.250teatr.pl


Polecane Studentom Klasyka


Piotr Ratajczak’s performance is mainly a story of some depressing but in their own way literary inspiring PRL decades. Creators of the play tell writer’s drunken oddyssey with great live music and Arkadiusz Buszko’s choreography. Wild parties, jazz standards, delirious revelations mix with coarse reality of real socialism.

Author of adaptation, playwright Michał Pabian, extracted from a text Hłasko-vagabond, journeying through world’s end, American nowhere, through social lowlands, backwoods full of subhuman – pariahs pushed back at the margin, outside homely, nice looking world of American dream.

"Dziennik Teatralny"



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