Dirty Dogs [bloody hommage to Q. Tarantino]

Opening night

The Malarnia Stage
1h 10 min

Regular Tickets:
25 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
15 zł


Mateusz Znaniecki direction
Adrianna Gołębiewska costumes
Zespół Afar music
Marcin Łyczkowski lightning and sound operator
Marcin Müller / Anna Kandziora projections operator
Anna Kandziora stage manager and prompter
Małgorzata Długowska-Błach executive producer
Jadwiga Lemańska designer of a poster

Live music: Bartłomiej Błaszczyński (drums), Michał Rolnicki (electric guitar), Mateusz Znaniecki (bass guitar), Marcin Szaforz (vocal)


Bartłomiej Błaszczyński Sheriff

Dariusz Chojnacki Priest

Grzegorz Przybył The Onion

Michał Rolnicki Farmer

Marcin Szaforz Bodyguard Mirek

Robert Talarczyk Boss

Mateusz Znaniecki The Cool


Next performance on Mall Stage is bitter-sweet tale inspired by Quentin Tarantino films. Tale about men who in-between glasses of beer not only talk about women and tell the jokes but also plan a big robbery. But can they settle in to it? Can they cooperate when they even can’t use their own names? And if they fall into police trap? Will they get away scot-free? And above all: is it possible to trust on another in such motley crew of shady-looking individuals?

Director of "Dirty Dogs" is Mateusz Znaniecki who with Artur Pałyga writes the text on the basis of actors’ improvisations during rehearsals.

In a performance are used parts of music band Afar compositions and parts of a poem Help by Zdzisław Najmrodzki from a volume Colours of the Truth (Oficyna Wydawnicza Galicja).


Polecane Studentom Sztuka Współczesna


- It’s my hommage to a great director – confessed to us Artur Pałyga after a performance. – Tarantino based all his works on already existing concepts and on class B cinema at that. It was an exceptional achievement. Something extraordinary.

Artur Pałyga turned out to be of the same class, it was obvious when seeing audience’s reactions. The performance presents whole gamut of human characters. It is full of black humour, surprising moments and makes audience think.

Portal: Bielsko-biala.pl


A small bit of an imagination and even a casual knowledge of some Quentin Tarantino’s films are enough to have the impression after first sounds of music during "Dirty Dogs" performance that one is watching a trailer of the famous director’s newest production.

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