Boy with a Swan

Opening night

The Chamber Stage
1 h 40 min.

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35 zł

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Ingmar Villqist script, directing and scenography
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot


Ewa Kutynia

Violetta Smolińska

Grażyna Bułka




Ingmar Villqist gets back to Teatr Śląski. One of the most controversial and important contemporary playwrights and at the same time the most often staged abroad Polish drama writer in last years. For the actresses of our Theatre: Grażyna Bułka, Ewa Kutynia and Violetta Smolińska he wrote new one-act play, "The Boy with a Swan". One of the inspirations of the play became real space from Chorzów, townhouse where the author had lived and where he moved in his stage heroines. Chamber story is set in dark appartment. Two sisters try to shape their life. They dream about normality and routine. They dream to forget about… Shouldn’t some mystieries rest in dark forever? Who is third woman that unexpectedly appears at the front door?
"So I lead this three characters in this appartment, townhouse, square where in the middle stands a scuplture of naked youth with a swan and I look for the ending. If I made heroines of the play live there and have mutual relationships which they don’t have to like then now I must to do everything to safey lead them out to sunshine” – said in one of his columns Ingmar Villqist.

World premiere of "The Boy with a Swan" is planned on 8th May 2015 on Chamber Stage. For direction and scenography responsible is the author, Ingmar Villqist.

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That what I’ve seen on stage, that what actresses presented in my opinion calls for standing ovation. It’s just Art, actors craft of the highest level. All emotions were played very naturally and were well polished-up.

portal Teraz Teatr


Priority belongs to Smolińska, actress of great craft, capable of making even the smallest grimaces, voice modulations, nuanced body language. She had to do part of the unstable woman, social outcast, well written by Villqist (…). So sit down near the stage, watch actresses and listen what and how they talk. Be seduced by their  cries and whispers.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" Katowice


Since Robert Talarczyk became the leader of Teatr Śląski it caught the draft. Every opening becomes significant event and performences are seeing in theatre milieu. Also hibernated until now potential of actors company comes into being in full force. Recently their great acting talent showed Ewa Kutynia, Violetta Smolińska i Grażyna Bułka. (...) Actresses have risen to the challenge and did a dynamic, trilling psychodrama.

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Already this part of the story line shows how many-colored characters were created by Villqist (on Teatr Śląski demand and exactly for the actresses) and they brilliantly bring them into life. Also exquisite is the tempo of the story. In this quietly trailing afternoon unveiled are chart after chart of history  also the story arc – from the text we find out more and more about characters, but also the actresses add next features to the protagonists.

This world is not nice, there is a little stuffy, dark in there, a bit in Scandinavian mood; emotions are entangled, characters unequivocal. And heroinesses living on a fringe of community are watched acutely by the author, he tries to give them dignity, to understand them – and thanks to that it is so interesting to watch it. I find "Boy with the Swan" a quintessence of Ingmar Villqist theatre.

Artistic Commission of 22nd All-Poland Polish Contemporary Play Staging Contest review


> Golden Mask 2015, best actress - nomination for Violetta Smolińska