Theatre School by Teatr Śląski
(ZASP state extramural examination for drama actors)



Tom Thumb in "Adventures of Tom Thumb the Brave" by D. Wiktorowicz
(dir. H. Adamek, The Jan Dorman Teatr Dzieci Zagłębia in Będzin)

Jorg Brajter in "Fifth Quarter of the Globe" by K. Kutz
(dir. R. Talarczyk, Teatr Śląski)

Wojaczek in "Fetters"
(Teatr Gry i Ludzie in Katowice)

Błażej Pindel/Kolumb in "Rebellion" by M. Sieniewicz
(dir. E. Wyskoczyl, Teatr Śląski)

Benjamin Sudel in „Martyr” by M. von Mayenburg
(dir. M. Nogieć, Teatr Gry i Ludzie in Katowice)


Whole my life there.



He was born in 1990 in Katowice. In 2005 under a tutelage of Małgorzata Kruszelnicka he with some friends founded Formacja Teatralno-Kabaretowa 3D from where through Michał Tramer’s youth theatre he made under the wings of Maciej Nogieć to Teatr Gry i Ludzie (Playing and People Theatre) in Katowice. Two years later he began learning in Theatre School by Teatr Śląski. During studies performed in some Theatre Śląski plays (also in "Adventures of Sinbad The Sailor", "A Theatre Comedy", "Fifth Quarter of the Globe") and several times in Teatry Rawy and Teatr Gry i Ludzie in Katowice or in Teatr Dzieci Zagłębia in Będzin (for a lead part in "Adventures of Tom Thumb the Brave" he was nominated to Golden Mask 2011 in category: part in puppet theatre). When he finished School, in 2013, he got stipend in a field of culture given by Silesian Voivodeship Marshal for production of a perfomance about live and output of Rafał Wojaczek – "Fetters". It was his director and playwright debut. Year later he passed ZASP extramural examination for drama actors and produced his second play in Teatr Gry i Ludzie, "Adventures of Baron Münchhausen". In 2015 roku founded Teatr Czwarta Scena [Fourth Stage Theatre] – association gathering Theatre School students and graduates. The same year got stipend in a field of culture given by Silesia Voivodeship Marshal for production of a play about Silesian rap music. He is a founder of Scena Niezależna [Independent Stage] – a collaboration forum of Silesia region non-institutional theatres. He played in films: "Franx Waxman Boulevard" by M. Kosma Cieśliński, "You’re a God" by L. Dawid, or "Red Spider" by M. Koszałka. Now he works on a part of Antek in "The Consent" by M. Sobieszczański. In Teatr Śląski company since September 2015.