Natalia Stryj, publication’s date: 2014.12.08


Everybody knows that Teatr Śląski undergoes great methamorphoses. But not everybody know that these changes concern also the audience. So exactly for their sake was created first official blog of Teatr Śląski "3X3" breaking so called fourth wall and coming out to spectator. 
Writing for You I want to prove that viewer is not only the observer but also a participant of everything that goes on in theatre. There can be a theatre with no stage, nor words and stage design, but without audience there is no theatre. 
I’ll demonstrate that theatre isn’t only a building and actors working there. The theatre is comprised of many people, and it couldn’t exist without them. Also I’d like to draw attention to these elements we leave out during performance. 
I don’t want to tell secrets of this Theatre and same time to kill its magic. On the contrary. I want to remind that this Theatre has the magic, that it lives, vigorously acts and is in better shape than at any time. After all is a conversation with Theatre’s workers or presentation of costumes and places a revealing of secrets? Is it a secret that not only actors work in Theatre?
I also don’t want to attract audience’s attention with sensationalism. I will encourage to get deep knowledge of Theatre, to come for performances and appraise, and what’s the most important I encourage to reflections and talks. Don’t fear to talk and express one’s opinions. I’m open to contact with readers of this blog and please email me. 


Mariusz Partyka, publication’s date: 2014.12.02


The question not new, but still current one. The most popular answer is, that live is a theatre, whole world. At last one says about social roles. And that every one of us plays as best as he/she can and he/she leaves the stage with one’s last breath. But I’m interested in things that happen in places where theatre begins and ends – where fiction touches reality and illusion with something we found real.  
I want to set sail with You and show You my theatre. The place where every day new worlds are born and dissapear. I will talk with people who keep low profile, these who – when actors play on stage – illumine them, give them props, dress, paint and help. Because that what we see on boards is teamwork’s effect. Of course, there are soloist, shamans who lead ceremony, but without those people in wings they wouldn’t built full and interesting world.
I would like to meet with actors and ask them about their vision of theatre, about roles they didn’t play yet, and about other ones they didn’t feel comfortable with. 
I also will ask spectators, older and younger, have their theatres something in common, or they are wide apart. 
At last I will write about theatre I like and prize. About that which can rouse me from stupor and make me fling myself into new inspirations and qestions. 


Sebastian Pypłacz, publication’s date: 2014.12.01


During first meeting with general manager Talarczy we were informed about actors’ and directors’ fears concerning our bloger collaboration with Theatre. On one hand the problem is unveiling too much of Theatre secrets, of the place that should stay in audience’s awareness as something full of magic and enigma, on the other during rehearsals work’s comfort should be kept. And I must give my consent to the second one, as a musician I don’t feel myself comfortably, presenting to the outside world – even if it consists of a few people only – unfinished product. 
Music rehearsals and stage ones are moments that bonds company (or band). People must assume their roles, actors must walk into characters’ shoes, director must create his vision and a multitude of workers in the wings must solve all technical problems. The rehearsals are sacred for artists, a moment when they are the most vulnerable, because they make experiments with the Form, often using quite non-standard means. Something that from outside could be found strange or ineffective, sometimes making chance viewer laugh. That’s why entry during rehearsal rather should be barred for ones not engaged in production. That’s it! 
Here come a  question, is this what interests us in theatre functioning? Showing and making fun of artistic techniques? Rather not, I’m rather prone to unveiling magic and inscrutability of the place. Frankly, since now I have seen Teatr Śląski as the inaccessible and unfriendly place, not the magic one. After some visits and talks with employers I know it’s a harmful opinion. I hope I will make You think likewise. 

Illustration by Robert Trojanowski