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XYZ, publication’s date: 2016.03.04


More then 80 years ago You wrote on intaken breath:

Dear Mister Hitler!
Not so long ago for the first time in my life I have gone to political rally. You had a speech in Sportpalast and I must say I was so greatly impressed by You and participants’ enthusiasm that I would like to meet You personally(..). I even don’t know will this letter reach You. I would be very glad if You answer me.
Warmest regards,
Yours Leni Riefenstahl.

Führer nodded graciously. And then it was as with the others. Führer’s overwhelming charm hypnotised. Masses of the whole Europe have been watching on intaken breath Your "Triumph of the Will", Your "Olympia". Venice Festival – award. Paris World Fair  – award. Warszawa – rapture. In September 1938 "Kurier Poranny" daily reported:   "To see this film ["Olympia"] should come youth of whole Warszawa from the first classes to the last and not only to learn about sport, but to see how one endures toils and efforts not only for personal glory, but for the glory of the whole nation, for the colours one’s representing".
And after all these years? They still write that "Olympia" and "Triumph of the Will" are "the two best films ever directed by a woman", emphasising that "their exceptional magic comes from phenomenal rhythm, lightning and widenning possibilities of the cinema (…)".
Allegedly documenting victorious Führer’s campaign in September 1939 in Poland You had took so strongly view of murdered Jews that you resigned from further production of news reels. Respect.
Beauty and harmony. Purity, Will and Power. After Armaggedon You found them among people of Africa, in perfection of underwater worlds.

Some years ago "Triumph of the Will" was released on DVD. On amazon.com it has 5 stars (max) and enthusiastic opinions! No wonder if starring (in person) are Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Hans Frank, Josef Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and others…
Alongside 5 stars comments: "Wow! Amazing". These are the most often.
Triumph, Mrs Riefenstahl.
In two days opening of "Leni Riefenstahl. Oblivion Episodes". Again You will be asked. Again, unfortunately, by not in person, Himmler, Goebbels, Hess but unfortunately also by poor little Sholl and her brother. And what’s the worst by this lousy Elfriede Jelinek who about You, creator of "amazing movies" dared to say "thrashy filmmaker"!
I don’t envy You.

XYZ, publication’s date: 2016.01.07


On 1 January quite New Year first sentence heard in some Polish Radio programme. As if announcement of a song.

But somehow shivers went up and down my spine…

And now certainly the malice will follow one.

Because somehow the reality decided to be stuck with the sentence. As to spite. And it glues. That it’s hard to come unstuck from TV set, radio, Internet.

Welcome to the…

And too many things happen still since much earlier times then this symbolic 1st January. In night stillness happen things one didn’t dream about…

Still night is forgotten.

Different changes, good changes fell as thunderbolt from high heavens.

Welcome to the…

When a sentence like this get stuck, there’s no way out.

But on the horizon luckily new one shines. Somehow alike but new and new-yearly.

Welcome to Belfast. Belfast in Katowice.

And this is an announcement no more, no less but "Wedding" opening. THIS "Wedding". By  Stanisław Wyspiański. Already in three days in Śląski.

Wyspiański… "Wedding"… and in no more than three days from these board will be heard: "Well, sir, what’s new in politics?" For the umpteenth time and more. Multipled a many hundreds sentences by six "Wedding" productions (first in 1945).

With Irish accent it will be for the first time. Beyond doubt.

Welcome to Belfast in Katowice.

XYZ, publication’s date: 2015.12.07


Innocently in a fervour of ante-Christmas mall shopping, in a stage part of the mall for a while jump in. Close the door from the light, sound, jingle-bells. Let’s keep our peckers up. To perch in gloom of an empty auditorium.

The rehearsal. Well, last minutes of the rehearsal. Still in progress, because to the opening night there is some time left, everybody with texts of the play. About consumption will be as it was said before and was written about on Internet page. Intriguing unappetizing title ̎Joint of Meat ̎. Intriguing unappetizing monologues to listen two, three.

Monologue about eating.

About slaughtering, about worms dialogue. On… better not to talk about what.

And so to listen with rapt attention that perching in the audiotorium somehow becomes clinical.

̎Are you the consumer? ̎

So from mall theatre into theatre mall let submerge again. For a change intriguing appetizing. To fool around (walking sounds better), to listen, to smell, to taste, to look at oneself in others. Such as us, a bit in this not homely place smart dressed.

̎Are you the consumer? ̎

But here also eating. Devouring with seeing, hearing. Smiling, ringing with promotional message world, at once at the door shouts ̎ Hohoho! ̎

One can taste, feel the difference. Feel worth of that what one can have.

Change words into pictures. Nice in this light, in smells. Coffee and oranges. Perfumes and vanilla, somehow not used. Not like us.

To go out as quickly as possible from gloom unclear, somehow uncomfortable, so far promising one doesn’t know what… And this title to boot ̎ Joing of meat ̎ ...

Pre-Christmas little chatter. Mmmm. This programme contains paralising sweet contents.

Downward with colourful crowd! 

̎Are you the consumer? ̎

All they bomarded with trash

All they showered with infos



*Kazik Life,  ̎The Consumer ̎