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publication’s date: 2017.03.30

Tell miners’ tragedy dancing

The Lena Starke Award for Joanna Kurkowska and Grzegorz Pajdzik, dancers from "Wujek.81. Black Ballad"


Golden Masks Awards gala are not only grand prix but also events given out by partners. One of them is given by Katowice division of ZASP [Polish Stage Artists Guild] The Lena Starke Award, Mrs Stake being the outstanding actress of Silesia stages. This year awarded were two dancers of Silesian Opera in Bytom, Joanna Kurkowska i Grzegorz Pajdzik, appreciated due to their creative work in Robert Talarczyk’s show "Wujek.81. Black Ballad" in our Theatre.

This is, except Golden Mask for Dominika Knapik, next proof that in drama theatre exceptional difficult art, that is, movement and dance, is appreciated. The awarded ballet dancers did exceptional touching duo who – using only their bodies – told history of broken love, unfulfilled promises and plans, and also story about power of an attachment and nearness of the other human being. This is one of these scenes that are watched by audience with lump in their throats and tears in their eyes.

We thank Silesian Opera for possibility of cooperation with these artists! Congratulations! 



publication’s date: 2017.03.29

A movement and dance awarded

Golden Mask Award for Dominika Knapik


At the same time when Mike Urbaniak writes in his column about growing importance of dance in modern theatre Dominika Knapik gets her triumph in Silesia being given Golden Mask for choreography in "Leni Riefenstahl. Oblivion Episodes" dir. by Ewelina Marciniak. Who is this woman who dances through words?

Words of Mrożek and Beckett, Chekhov and Keret. She mixes them courageously with film, politics, modern music, theatre and visual arts on stages in Berlin, Hague, Brussel, Paris, Amsterdam Bonn.


The nominated for POLITYKA Passport in 2015:

For proving that movement can put theatre in motion so strong, that sometimes words seem less powerful (Mike Urbaniak);

For making with her choreography the most interesting directors’ spectacles inimitable and expressive; for making body think and thought – move  (Anna R. Burzyńska);

for choreography in Morphine;


Dominika Knapik is one of the most original and intriguing dancer-choreographers of a young generation. She collaborated with many directors, also with: Ewelina Marciniak, Radek Rychcik, Maja Kleczewska, Iga Gańczarczyk, Anna Smolar, Paweł Łysak, Anna Augustynowicz. She did choreography for more than twenty theatre productions. She’s a newly director too – her spectacle "Bang Bang" in the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź is one of the most renowned debuts of last season. She also had time to direct "Afternoon of a Faun" in Chorzów Teatr Rozrywki and lately "Camp Cataract" in Małopolski Ogród Sztuk.

She makes actors sweating during rehearsals and her productions dazzle and astound. Scene of dancing golden Nubians will stay in audience’s memory for a long time. She collaborated with our theatre twice - always fruitfully, and today Golden Mask is a proof of that. We hope our trails will cross once again! Congratulations! 


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"Morphine" Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego, fot. A. Śnieżek

"Leni Riefenstahl. Oblivion Episodes" Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego, fot. N. Kabanow

Źródło: http://harakirifarmers.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/1404238701_6771-370x246.jpg

"Morfina" Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego, fot. A. Śnieżek

"Leni Riefenstahl. Epizody niepamięci" Teatr Śląski im. St. Wyspiańskiego, fot. N. Kabanow



publication’s date: 2017.03.28

Theatre of adventure on the horizon!

This year Golden Masks proved it’s worth to fight for young audience’s attention


We are extremely happy with Golden Mask for "Around the World in 80 Days. There and Back Again" by Robert Górski, dir. by Robert Talarczyk in category best performance for young audience. The more so that Chłopcy Kontra Basia band performing there was also nominated for their music creating here inimitable atmosphere. This is an honour for whole company of operators and actors, and also musicians creating side by side the show.

Family theatre is out of date today, as observed in her account from Golden Masks gala Henryka Wach-Malicka. Still we don’t give up (not only us – as attests Golden Mask for Paweł Aigner, director of "Teatrzyk Zielona Gęś" [mini-plays by K.I Gałczyński] from Bielsko-Biała Banialuka Theatre.

We want to create moving and making think performances, engaging the young and more adult spectators. Our colourful and music show due to its stage conventionality and fun wants to encourage to get to know the world through art. That’s why the gadgets like backpack and a book about journeys spurs to work together with parents on assignments. Because theatre adventure doesn’t end on stage – it only starts here!

We thank for the award, it’s especially important for us. 



publication’s date: 2017.03.27

The most important theatre awards given out!

Two Golden Masks for Teatr Śląski artists


Traditionally on World Theatre Day artists were given the most important theatre award in Silesia voivodeship – The Golden Masks Awards. Our artists were given no less than 8 nominations, already a kind of honours for their works. During a gala that took place in Teatr Polski in Bielsko-Biała we picked up Golden Masks twice. The award found its way to producers of "Around the World in 80 Days. There and Back Again" dir. by. Robert Talarczyk, category the best performance for young audience. The J. Verne’s text adaptation was done for our actors by Robert Górski, authoress of scenography and costumes is Ilona Binarsch. In the show perform Chłopcy Kontra Basia band, music composers and doers of many actors’ actions in a show.

The second Golden Mask was given to Dominika Knapik for choreography in "Leni Riefenstahl. Oblivion Episodes". The performance dir. by Ewelina Marciniak is produced from November in Wilson Shaft space. Dominika Knapik (also nominated to POLITYKA Passport) this time worked with our actors and formation team Ruchomy Kolektyw.

Same night The Lena Starke Award (honourary mention given by Katowice division of ZASP [Polish Stage Artists Guild]) was given to two dancers of Silesian Opera in Bytom, Joanna Kurkowska i Grzegorz Pajdzik, for their parts in our Theatre show "Wujek.81. Black Ballad". ZASP award from Bielsko-Biała (The Dembowski Award) was given to our playwright Artur Pałyga.

Awards Theatre Golden Masks given by Silesia Voivodeship authorities and local media journalists are the honours important for artistic milieu. The celebration is organised with Opole Voivodeship.

We thank for award and congratulate other laureates! Especially Grażyna Bułka, our company actress who was given Golden Mask in monodrama "My Name is Hanka" in friendly Theatre Korez.