In a month we have for You about 30 repertoire propositions on 4 stages (Main, Chamber, Malarnia. Stage in Mall). At PLAYS You’ll find detailed informations about our productions – it’s up to You if You will choose modern and bold staging or You prefer entertaining evening with good comedy, or maybe You see how we produced world premiere presentation or plays written only for us, plays You never see in any other theatre in Poland.

For Your comfort every title has its own special marking – You quicky will know is this a proposition for students, presentation for adults only or maybe our stage bestseller.  

Do peek at EVENTS – check offer of guest performances, see what concert or soiree within a scope of some cycles we plan.

Remember, not only weekend is for cultural fun! We work almost 7 days a week, so You can come to us also in a working day. Detailed daily schedule at REPERTOIRE.

If You choose given title You can buy ticket on-line without going out (You come to us with a printout), You can also be a traditionalist, go to box office, where You pay cash or if You prefer with credit card.

Remember check earlier. Maybe You can take advantage of some PROMOTION or REDUCED FARE ticket.

Don’t come in the nick of time. Remember that latecomers can be not allowed to enter The Chamber Stage or The Malarnia Stage auditorium because they can spoil other viewers’ pleasure. At The Main Stage You’ll be asked to go to 2nd balcony.

Promptness could be coupled with earlier planned visit in one of our coffe shops. It’s also a good moment to buy a programme and read it in peace.

Before a ride to our site have a thorough look at the MAP – take into consideration time & place to park a car. If You like make a reservation in nearby restaurant or pub for a meeting before or after the show. 

Leaving take a repertoire leaflet with micro-poster we print every two months. To stay tuned spy on what do we do (informations and photos we publish also on Facebook and Twitter, it’s also worth to subscribe our channel on YouTube) and to bookmark our web page. See You!