The Mall Stage

[FR]    20.01   |  19.00
25 zł
15 zł


Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski concept

Maciej Kosteczka scenography / lighting direction

Jakub Urbański video



A show "#DBRMPP" is inspired by Dorota Masłowska’s work "Two poor Romanians talking Polish". This is bordering on emotion and good fun trip through the world of kitsch, a story about a quick satisfying of a need for being with anybody. Artists create a picture of helpless people, a picture seducing audience with its brilliancy and evocativeness.

Choreography of the performance was awarded at Warszawa Dance Platform and Kraków Choreography Contest 3…2…1… DANCE.

The show is presented as one of the six guest ones on Mall Stage during HERE AND NOW review produced by Teatr Śląski in January and February 2017. Tickets for 20 zł. We recommend to buy one for 45 zł allowing to see 3 chosen show (excluding Ensemble of Death and Dance)



Nagrodzone Sztuka Współczesna Wydarzenie Gościnne


...in case of #DBRMPP, where even not knowing the play one can see the outline of a story, though it has a little different meaning than original version. This is a story of kitsch pair in kitsch world. She – local Lolita, he - dirty and in sweat suit. Choreography of Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski has its distinctive dramaturgy – it presents meeting of these two, same as they were: uncoordinated, impulsive, immature and with sexual undertones, which are quickly and mechanically liberated. The tired pair falls on the floor couldn’t hold to a tempo of all the games they’d forced on themselves.

Aleksandra Spilkowska, "Teatralia"