Korfanty. Brześć Hotel and Other Songs

Opening night

The Mall Stage
1 h 15 min.

Regular Tickets:
40 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
25 zł


Przemysław Wojcieszek script & directing

Małgorzata Bulanda set design & costumes

Filip Zawada music

Katarzyna Kostrzewa choreography


Katarzyna Brzoska

Piotr Bułka

Katarzyna Dudek

Karina Grabowska

Adrianna Izydorczyk

Natalia Jesionowska

Arkadiusz Machel

Michał Surówka

Mateusz Znaniecki



This is not a historical story about Wojciech Korfanty with Józef Piłsudski clash, about mysterious deaths, creation of  national visions and about unlimited power. Because we live in a country where heroes are destroyed. It’s the contemporary youth’s shout, people pissed at the reality but still believing they can change something. Ones full of disagreement, but still looking for a hope. The forgotten clash gives a stage to contemporary stories about destroyed men we pass by in the streets. These stories have a form of sweet and bitter, incorrect concert. Do you feel the tangy taste of vodka at the tip of your tongue? Do you feel the ravage it creates? This is the taste of Poland.

There is a time for a theatre that takes no prisoners and doesn’t affect. The time for a cabaret that unveils all inadequacies of the formation. The time for the concert that has to make us alive again, to make us  think where do I live and what do I want to do with that. Time for a loud-mouth quarrel with the reality. Przemysław Wojcieszek, a creator of rebellious "Made in Poland" and "National Anthem" produces an evening for the spectators, the play on contemporary political event as the plays performed by Warszawa Pożar w Burdelu or Wrocław Teatr Polski w Podziemiu.

His presentations are full of rebellious energy combined with brilliant diagnosis of reality. There is no approval for conformity or agreement with those who represent values foreign to him. Przemysław Wojcieszek, theatre and film director, scriptwriter, winner of Konrad’s Laurel and POLITYKA Passport, produces in our theatre his auteur play. His debut play in Legnica "Made in Poland", an important part of theatre canon today, was widely commentated and was given the most important theatre awards in Poland (film production after it was awarded during Nowe Horyzonty Festival). Produced – also in Legnica – in 2016 "National Anthem" also sent shock waves across the country, initiated many discussions about relations of culture, politics and social phenomena. His new film "Knives Out" talks about nationalist demons and phobias, presented within a scope of anarchy presentations "Good Change Tour".

Polecane Studentom Tematyka Śląska Sztuka Współczesna Prapremiera


"Korfanty" doesn’t pretend he’s a smart alec, doesn’t beat around the bush. Pitmen from Makoszów who have their mine closed (formally quenched) and the young who are offered crap contracts only and have to listen they are asking too much would like this play.
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