Antigone in New York

Opening night

The Malarnia Stage
2 h 15 min.

Regular Tickets:
35 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
30 zł




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Filip Gieldon direction and music arrangement
Adrianna Gołębiewska costumes and stage design
Maria Machowska lightning arrangement
Krzysztof Woźniak, Piotr Roszczenko lightning and video operators
Mikołaj Lichtański, Paweł Szymkowiak sound operators
Mateusz Bidziński overcoat design
Marcin Całka / Barbara Dudek stage manager and prompter
Małgorzata Długowska-Błach executive producer
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot
Tree, bench and dustbin made by company Imperial S.C. from Olkusz


Wiesław Sławik Sasha
Jerzy Głybin Flea
Krystyna Wiśniewska Anita
Ewa Leśniak Police Officer
Milena StaszukKatarzyna Dudek Body




Głowacki writing Antigone in New York couldn’t foresee neither well-known in Poland manifesto "Generation 1200 zł Gross" nor year-old brutal data saying the young 18-30 year-old make more than a half of homeless and if they even find a job (mostly as a fixed-term employee) majority doesn’t work in their profession (data after "Forbes" magazine). He couldn’t neither foresee widely commented book by British researcher G. Standing The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (2014) that initiated social firestorm about the situation of millions people uncertain of their future. Maybe paradoxically today are we nearer to social death and park bench for the homeless than in 90’? In times when words common citizen, emigrant and immigrant mean so much. Still bringing back to life characters from Antigone in New York today in Katowice obliges above else to look at this story through the prism of these who now seat in the auditorium: mates from my generation whose life cycle is marked by demands to credit payments.These who spend more than they can have.

Antigone in New York by Janusz Głowacki, commissioned by Arena Stage in Washington DC (opened in March 1993) quickly got big popularity and "Time" magazine found it one of the 10 best plays of the year. Majority of productions fortunately was far from realistic portraying of tramps, treating homelessness rather as a cruel state of a soul, that can hunt down everyone. Polish interpretation was also marked by Jan Kott’s essay. Author written down Antigone in New York in theatre of the absurd aesthetics, saying that without Beckett there would be neither Sasha nor Flea in Głowacki’s mind. In Katowice Antigone was performed in 1995, directed by Bogdan Tosza. In Chamber Stage there was no park bench but ruined divan bed and… unicorn after Marek Braun’s scenographic projects. In premiere cast played Violetta Smolińska (Anita), Wojciech Górniak (Sasha, since 2002 Jerzy Głybin), Wiesław Sławik (Flea) and Andrzej Warcaba (Police Officer). The acclaimed performance was presented for over decade and was taken from play-bill no sooner than in January 2006. 10 years later history comes back to Teatr Śląski. On stage again will appear Wiesław Sławik and Jerzy Głybin still with new, changed roles.


Poster and photo session for the performance inspired by poster forTrainspotting dir. by Danny Boyle.


Sztuka Współczesna Dramat


In Katowice performance for Anita, Flea and Sosha stand up actors. They do it in perfect style, building characters of small, contradictionary, often comical elements, still creating picture of real human beings. (…) Wise spectacle. Sohisticated acting.

Dziennik Zachodni

This is this level of acting one watches with great pleasure and almost disbelief on stage because it’s hard to believe it’s only actor’s (Wiesław Sławik’s) creation, not real person’s behavior.

"Teraz Teatr" portal   

Chamber performance, but giving to the audience something I love the most in a theatre – being in touch with a great acting craft (…). Wiesław Sławik plays with his heart, Jerzy Głybin – with his mind. Both are perfect but different when building the emotions indeed. This concert on two actors should be seen by all student of acting cratf. Both artist defend ferociously characters they impersonate, even against the text.

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