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Nikołaj Gogol  text

Nikołaj Kolada direction and music arrangement
Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska translation
Anna Tomczyńska, Nikołaj Kolada stage design and costumes
Jakub Lewandowski choreography
Maria Machowska  lighting directior and operator
Szymon Adamczyk lightning operator
Mirosław Witek sound operator
Zbigniew Wróbel director’s assistant
Zuzanna Sitkowska stage designer’s assistanat
Marcin Całka / Barbara Dudek stage maneger
Anna Wesołowska / Katarzyna Dudek prompter
Małgorzata Długowska-Błach producent wykonawczy | executive producer
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot
Lidia Mięsowska tłumaczenie podczas prób | translation during rehearsals
Zuzanna Sitkowska (projekt | design), Krzysztof Lisiak (zdjęcie | photography) plakat | poster


Grażyna Bułka Agafya Tikhonovna. A merchant’s daughter, the bride
Alina Chechelska Dunyashka. A servant girl
Ewa Leśniak Fyokla Ivanovna. A matchmaker
Krystyna Wiśniewska Arina Panteleymonovna. Agafya’s aunt
Jerzy Głybin Zhevakin. A naval officer
Antoni Gryzik / Zbigniew Wróbel Omelet. A managing clerk in a government office
Jerzy Kuczera Anuchkin. A retired infantry officer
Wiesław Kupczak Starikov. A storekeeper
Michał Piotrowski Stepan. Podkolyosin’s manservant
Marek Rachoń Podkolyosin. A government clerk
Marcin Szaforz Kochkaryov. Podkolyosin’s friend
Zbigniew Wróbel / Antoni Gryzik Vanya
Karol Goj (Theatre School Graduate) / Mariusz Orzełowski Balalikin

Wojciech Smolarczyk Nikodim, Robert Witkowski Fieofan, Jerzy Śpiewakowski  Yemielyan, Sebastian Zastróżny Falaley (group scenes).



Samovar, Babushka, Matrioshka Doll, Taiga, Bear, Pushkin, Kalashnikov, Chekhov, Ded Moroz, Kalinka… Nikolay Kolyada, one of the most important russian stage directors and playwrights writes provocatively: What do you really know about Russia? Artist treats classic Gogol’s story as an excuse to talk about protagonists entangled between two worlds: East and West. He plays with sterotypes, social roles, conventions for audience’s sake.

Though "Marriage" protaganists after Gogol are caricatural and petty they dream about great opera-like emotions and love. They are on the edge of affectation and grotesque persistently eager to find sense of life and scrap of happiness. From boredom to insanity, from love to hate, from harmony to falsehood. Kolyada lets audience laugh at aged marriageable maiden and at group of rejected bachelors. He puts them all in wedding colourful parade though he has no doubts that wedding atmosphere in a moment may change into funeral one… What’s funny easily becomes bitter and according to Gogol’s rule we stay with famous charge: "What are you laughing at? You are laughing at yourselves!"

Staging by Nikolay Kolyada is based on new and modernised translation by Agnieszka Lubomiara Piotrowska. Costumes (mostly weaved by hand and embroidered) and scenography designed Anna Tomaczyńska and Nikolay Kolyada. Choreographer is Jakub Lewandowski.

In the performance has been used fragments of "Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi and russian folk songs.

Polecane Studentom Klasyka


"Marriage" is a real actors masterpiece. How many here well-thought-out and well played – seemingly insignificant – scenes! Almost every line is followed by well-defined gesture, body movement, facial expression, dance or singing. There’s no place for freezing and if it appears it is only for a while and it’s designed to accentuate Gogol’s words. Brilliantly settle in lead part Marek Rachoń as staggering on the floor Podkoloysin or Grażyna Bułka as naive but overbearing Agafya. In the lead are Ewa Lesniak as energetic matchmaker Fyokla and Marcin Szaforz in a part of shrewed Kochkaryov. I also must mention dancing Michał Piotrowski as being everywhere Stepan and Alina Chachelska, who in one minute is coarse and the next minute lyrical Dunyashka. Actors finely realise intention made up by Kolyada. They consistently keep the atmosphere of tomfoolery using different stylistics – from musical through opera and puppets theatre  pastiche to elements of pantomime  - in order that at the end stop this marthon of laughter and surprise spectator with solemnity of the moment.

"Gazeta Wyborcza"

One should go and see "Marriage". This is a performance like no other. The quintessence of russian character. Gogol fun in all its glory.  

Portal katowicki


> Golden Mask 2015, best performance - nomination
> Golden Mask 2015, best set design - nomination
> Golden Mask 2015, best direction - nomination


> 17th All-Poland Director Art "Interpretations"
> 10th International Festival of Contemporary Art KOLYADA-PLAYS in Yekaterinburg