Staś and the Bad Leg

Opening night

The Malarnia Stage
1 h

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35 zł

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| 17.00
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Katarzyna Błaszczyńska dramatisation

Bartłomiej Błaszczyński director

Magdalena Grundwald set design, costumes and lighting design

Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska choreography

Jakub Adamiak music

Patrycja Hefczyńska live music



Katarzyna Błaszczyńska Mum

Dawid Kobiela Staś

Michał Rolnicki Bad Leg




“Staś and the Bad Leg” is a story about a teenage boy with a disability, who is raised by his single Mum. About their struggles with everyday reality, overcoming adversity and seeking friends. All this is lined with a solid dose of ironic humour, because this story is so much more! Mum is fighting the system, Staś is training telepathic abilities, and the Bad Leg is dreaming about becoming an astronaut. How will their stories unfold?

The spectacle was based on the famous Polish comic book “Przygody Stasia i Złej Nogi” by Tomasz SPELL Grządziela. Since the premiere, the title gets favourable opinions not only from young viewers and reviewers but also numerous awards and honourable mentions. In 2019, the performance was selected for a special project of the Theatre Institute “Teatr Polska”. The spectacle obtained, among others, the ASSITEJ certificate (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People / Association Internationale du Théâtre Pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse), i.e. a certificate of quality and artistic level. “Staś and the Bad Leg” also received the Grand Prix of the 2019 Little Divine Comedy Festival in Kraków and the youth jury award at the 23rd Korczak Festival in Warsaw. With Michał Rolnicki in the main role – the Bad Leg, who received, among others an award for the best male role at the 4th Small Pre-Premiere Festival in Wałbrzych.

Co-production with Śląski Teatr Lalki i Aktora ATENEUM in Katowice.

The spectacle is accompanied by workshops conducted by a theatre instructor. Recommended for viewers over 10 and adults.

Sztuka Współczesna Dla Młodego Widza Prapremiera


The witty, sometimes bitter performance inspired by the comic book by Tomasz Grządziela does not fall into a clumsy banality even for a moment. There is also no intrusive teaching. There is a slapstick pace, humour and grace. This is largely due to three young actors. Dawid Kobiela is great as Staś, who does not lose his optimism, and Katarzyna Błaszczyńska is comfortable as a woman on the verge of breakdown. The star is the Leg full of swaddling charm performed by Michał Rolnicki
Michał Centkowski, “Newsweek”


With its spectacle “Staś and the Bad Leg", Teatr Śląski moves a tender string; watching this spectacle hurts because we realise that the characters from this story live somewhere next to us, are real, tangible and usually just as helpless in the face of the surrounding reality. [...] I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to feel emotions in the theatre, who wants the spectacle to dwell, not give it a rest and really touch.
Tomasz Sknadaj, Teraz Teatr


Bartłomiej Błaszczyński has great control over the material, flawlessly maintaining the right pace, not letting the spectacle to bog down in one dominating emotion for too long. And rightly so. Because human life even in the case of such a family struggling with numerous problems is in fact tragicomic. [...] Adult viewers also have no chance to be bored. They have their own identification and reference points. In addition, the creators prepared a few jokes, smiles and winks as if above the heads of the minor audience. […] The story of Staś, his Bad Leg and the single mother raising this strange duo is touching, sometimes sentimental, often very funny, but always somewhere at least on one of the stage levels – be it music, acting, or the use of lights and colours – dark and tragic.
Henryk Mazurkiewicz, Teatralny.pl


”Staś and the Bad Leg” is a performance that does not impose patterns of relations with excluded people. It does not aim at being a know-it-all and is not authoritative; it does not force the viewer to show solidarity. Getting to know this story from the perspective of a smiling and spontaneous boy, we have the chance to find the right sensitivity in ourselves – which is one of the biggest advantages of the Katowice spectacle. As a result of straining tearful tones and resignation out of the main character’s creation, which we can rather see in Mum’s tormented everyday life, we do not feel pity for Staś, but we sympathise with him. We support him because he is cool and not because he is miserable.
Dominik Gac, Artistic Commission of the 25th National Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Plays