The Himalayas

Opening night

The Main Stage
1h 30' (bez przerwy)

Regular Tickets:
25 - 60 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
20 - 45 zł




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Dariusz Kortko, Artur Pałyga, Marcin Pietraszewski text
Robert Talarczyk director
Katarzyna Borkowska set design, costumes, lighting design
Kaya Kołodziejczyk choreography
Miuosh music
Wojtek Doroszuk video art

Maria Machowska light design
Piotr Roszczenko light design cooperation
Marcin Łyczkowski, Mirosław Witek sound
Marcin Müller screening design
Dagmara Habryka stage manager
Anna Wesołowska prompter
Małgorzata Długowska-Błach executive producer
Maciej Rokita technical director




Dariusz Chojnacki Jurek
Grażyna Bułka Lhotse
Agnieszka Radzikowska Celina
Grzegorz Przybył Tyrolean
Barbara Lubos Journalist
Miuosh DJ
Wiesław Sławik Rysiek
Krystyna Wiśniewska Wanda
Adam Baumann President
Katarzyna Brzoska Mum
Marcin Szaforz Father
Karina Grabowska Black
Natalia Jesionowska White
Marcin Gaweł Tadek
Bartłomiej Błaszczyński Andrzej
Karol Gaj / Dawid Ściupidro Artur
Aleksandra Przybył Dobrusia
Michał Piotrowski Wojtek
Wiesław Kupczak Krzysiek
Bernard Krawczyk† / Roman Michalski Ryszard
Katarzyna Sikora / Joanna Kurkowska Himalayan mountaineer
​Radosław Lis Himalayan mountaineer


What will you do when the rope that held you suddenly breaks at an altitude of 8,300 metres? There will be a few long moments of flying alone into the void – so you have time to think about it. Loneliness is your sole companion in this journey. Or maybe it has always been your sole companion?


Fourteen highest mountains of the world, eight-thousanders. The Crown of the Himalayas and the Karakoram. Each of them is associated with legends, stories of euphoric victories, but also painful failures. Will you accept the challenge of climbing them all, knowing that every top is related to a risk of falling? How much will you sacrifice to reach the goal? Jerzy Kukuczka – one of the most important Himalayan mountaineers in the world; although he climbed them all, instead of resting at home, he decided to return to the Himalayas and once again face his first mountain, Lhotse. Did it have to at the same time be his last expedition? Did it restore the balance of the world?


“The Himalayas” is a story about the heights of human possibilities, but also about chasms that cannot be filled or crossed. About characters who are heroes for some and irresponsible dreamers for others. This is the first theatrical story about Jerzy Kukuczka (born in Katowice) and those whose lives was entangled with his. We will meet them in Robert Talarczyk’s spectacle, which is co-created by, among others, Dariusz Kortko and Marcin Pietraszewski, authors of the famous biography “Kukuczka: opowieść o najsłynniejszym polskim himalaiście”.

The producer of the premiere is Katowice Miasto Ogrodów – Instytucja Kultury im. Krystyny Bochenek.

Tematyka Śląska Sztuka Współczesna Prapremiera


”The Himalayas” directed by Robert Talarczyk, the Director of the Katowice stage, is a unique, surprising and heterogeneous spectacle, because it contains elements of dance theatre, video art, or oneiric imaging that make the show resemble a film of the time of expressionism in German cinema, and at the same time it is extremely emotional. Passion, love, fear, anxiety, devotion, delight, jealousy – emotions are boiling here, and are at their highest.
Magdalena Mikrut-Majeranek, “Dziennik Teatralny”


I have not seen such an unobvious, surprising and at the same time touching spectacle in Silesia for a long time. [...] This proposition is very surprising to the viewer. It is brave and monumental, dark and polyphonic. But it is worth going in this style, “buying it”, receiving it with all your senses, because it works at every level and brings final satisfaction. It is coherent, makes sense, carries a clear idea that the actors communicate to us from the stage in demanding etudes, combining into one 90-minute piece.
Marta Odziomek, “Gazeta Wyborcza” 


I thank them so much for acting in this spectacle with a big heart. They gave their all and I saw that – just like me – they were heavily affected by it. Memories and the moments spent with Jurek came back to me. I am very touched. I will remember those scenes that show us together in particular. I saw us together. Again.
Cecylia Kukuczka (Jerzy’s wife), “Gazeta Wyborcza”


The emotions accompanying the Himalayan mountaineers were successfully illustrated, but without a direct reference to climbing, mountains, biography, without an intrusive documentary character. I admit, I was deeply moved when I was watching the spectacle.
Wojciech Kukuczka (Jerzy’s son), “Gazeta Wyborcza” 


”The Himalayas” is not a biographical spectacle; it is rather a visually striking attempt at answering the question of what, contrary to common sense, pushes a man towards deadly highs. There are no mountains on the stage. Aside from those that are constructed by choreographer Kaya Kołodziejczyk out of the bodies of the actors.

Michał Centkowski, “Newsweek”