What is wejściówka (read: veysheecheeoovka;-) last-minute ticket? How and when can I buy it?

A quarter before a start of any given play/event You can ask at the box office are there any free seats and buy last-minute ticket (15 zł each). This exclude opening-night shows. Cash only. All other info on tickets see TICKETS.

Do I have to have on me any ID attesting that I can buy reduced fare tickets? What kind of document?

Yes, schoolchildren, students, seniors (pensioners) and the disabled are entitled to reduced fare ticket after showing appropriate document, most often valid card.
If You want to take advantage of special promotion 30+ at the theatre’s entrance You’ll be asked by ushers to show your ID with Your date of birth. Culture institutions employees are asked to show a certifacte that are given at their place of work.

Can I return a ticket?

Individual ticket are refundable one day before event’s date, group ones ten days before performance. After this date but still befor the event one can only change the date of presentation or choose other title from repertoire. Remember that all returns or changes are possible only after showing receipit or invoice. Tickets bought via WWW are refundable only by remit.

What should I do when somebody took my seat?

All seats are marked with numbers (except "Morphine"). If a mistake occurs please contact somebody from audience attendance personel and Your problem surely will be solved.

What should I do when I will be late for a presentation?

If a presentation already has begun tardy audience members are allowed to enter Main Stage auditorium only – they are asked to take a seat at second balcony, if there are free seats there. If there is an interval during a presentation one can use this time to take his/her proper seat. At Chamber and Malarnia Stages tardy viewers can meet refusal when trying to enter the aud and their tickets will not be refunded.

Can I have food or drink at aud?

The theatre surely is not a place for pop-corn addicts, and food and drinks are strictly prohibited at auditorium. Thirsty or hungry are invited to our coffee shops before/after presentation or during interval. They are placed before entrances of our stages. .

Can I smoke a cigarette? Is there a smoking-room in the theatre?

On site smoking is strictly prohibited, there are no smoking-rooms neither. Smokers can use ashtrays that are outside the theatre building near the entrances.

What should I do when during the show I feel bad and have to go out?

If you’ll have to leave the aud during the show, go to the doors marked ‘exit’ (most often green illuminated). At Main Stage you can use every door. At Chamber Stage: if you are at A-side use foyer door, if at B-side use back door and in both cases ask to be let out into ulica Teatralna, this way You’ll be deprived of taking part in performance but still You be out sooner. At Malarnia Stage there are two exits: at first row level and high, behind the curtain from where one can proceed to exit leading to staircase.

Is a cloackroom free of charge or not?

Yes, at every stage there is a cloackroom where during the show you can leave Your coats, sport jackets or luggage free of charge.

Can I make pictures when sitting at aud? Can I record a show?

In the theatre recording is prohibited – only entitled persons can make pictures or recordings (f.ex. media people) after earlier consent of the theatre’s spokeswoman.

During a presentation do I have to turn off my cell phone or is it OK when I use a vib mode?

In view of all viewers’ and actors’ comfort would You please turn off completely your cell phones. Sound of vibrations or light of screens may disturb others.

How long is duration of presentations?

It differs, but we rather include due information in programme.

How can I pay at box office and in coffee shops? Can I use plastic?

At box office You can pay with cash and with credit cards too. In coffee shops only cash is accepted.

Where is the nearest ATM?

Around the theatre there are many banks – opposite The Chamber Stage (ulica Warszawska) there are some of them and they have cash dispensers working 24/7.

What with wheelchair accessibility and other kind of help for the disabled?

<  The Main Stage: entry from ulica Warszawska. Using the door bell one can call help (audience attendance personel) then watch the performance from a place by a stalls first row. At ground floor there is also rest room designed for the disabled in wheelchair. A door from hall to The Main Stage aud is wide, always opened before performance. Remember that You can buy a ticket on-line and show printed form at the theatre.
<  The Malarnia Stage: entry from ulica Teatralna (building is in a courtyard, You have to pass gateway first), there is an elavator. Places for wheelchairs users are at the first rows’ sides. On the same level there is a rest room for disabled.
<  The Chamber Stage - entry from ul. Warszawska (platform on stairs) by a cloakroom also a rest room for handicapped.
< The Mall Stage - entry from ulica 3 Maja 30, all Galeria Katowicka is
<  The Main Stage has been equipped with hearing kit, so hearing impaired can use wireless headphones. You can simply go upstairs to coffee shop at first floor and ask about hearing kit (we have 10 pieces). Usage is free of charge, after depositing ID. In season 2013/2014 there were some ‘presentations without barriers’ (with audio description, signing and English captions) – if You are interested in this kind of events, send email at a.oslislo@teatrslaski.art.pl asking about this kind of conveniences

How to find a way by car and where to leave it?

The theatre is in the very centre of Katowice, at Rynek, not far from railway and bus stations, there are also tram stops around. If You plan to come by car, give Yourself more time needed to find a car park. In vicinity (3’-5’ on foot) You can find some big, payable car parks (see details and map on CONTACT US). Viewers use also near car park in Galeria Katowicka (a mall), Mon-Fri 7am-9pm first three hours free.

How to send flowers or gift to an artist?

Not only at opening nights but also during regular presentation one can send flowers or gifts to actors. Before a presentation ask audience attendance personel (cloakroom attendant would be the best choice) about handing over flowers during ovation. A card with a actor’s/actress’ name may help.

What to do to get my favourite actor’s/actress’/director’s autograph?

Best wait after a show and ask personally – in case of The Malarnia Stage at the exit, in The Main or Chamber Stages it is worth to wait by reception desk at ulica Warszawska.

Is a formal dress obligatory in the theatre?

Evening gowns and black ties are not required nor obligatory – choice is Yours.

If I am -18 can I go on my own to the theatre?

Yes, but better check up repertoire and description of plays because some presentations are for 18+ audience only.

Can I borrow a costume at the theatre? How to do it and how much is it?

Yes, You can use our costume rental for adults (we have no costumes for children) opened whole season. More info on SERVICES.

Can every bank user buy ticket on-line?

The operator of our ticket sale system is PayU that cooperates with majority of banks in Poland.

If I have other question whom should I ask?

Call, write, ask – on CONTACT US You can check who works in the theatre and what is his/her occupation to choose proper person to answer Your question.