Mariusz Partyka, publication’s date: 2014.12.18


Conversation with Kasia Gołąb i Marysia Baładżanow, 3rd-years students of Theatre School by Teatr Śląski.

Illustration by Robert Trojanowski

Why Theatre School?

Marysia Baładżanow: I always wanted to study acting, and living in Silesia I have choosen Theatre School by Teatr Śląski. But the most important reason was that here one can at once turn theory in practice. Additional plus is the place itself, classes are in theatre and we can observe live process of creating a performance and our great professors, who are mainly Teatr Śląski actors.

Kasia Gołąb: I learned about School from a friend of mine, who said that here is great actors school and fantastic mood. Also for me it was important that School worked by theatre.

Tell some about your present work in School, about examinations, that are mainly open, one can come and see results of your work.

KG: This year were began collaboration with Mrs Bogusia Murzyńska, we have few projects to do. First she makes with us "Among us is Great"  by Dorota Masłowska. We heartily invite now to see it.

MB: Also we make scenes under Mrs Bogusia’s supervision. After three years of studing we can at last work together, Kasia and me. This is a scene from "The Skirmishes" by Catherine Hayes. For some time we struggled through text and we already knew that it would be a great acting challange. We play sisters who after stromy past and unexplained situations meet one another at their mother’s death bead.

KG: Still don’t forget about "The Streetcar Named Desire", "A Doll’s House ", "Without a Dowry". Our collegues make scenes from these plays under Mrs Bogusia’s watchful eye.

So we can expect interesting term examinations performed by your group, because there will be diploma performance or performances. What will you stage?

MB: Let’s say first that at the end of last year we did at examination a performance from Oliver Sacks’ book "Wife for a Hat". To our great joy both audience and pedagogues were enthusiastic about our work. That’s why we decided that this play – after minor corrections - will be also our diploma performance.

It was very good performance indeed, and in my opinion double diplomas in School is a great idea, anyway already tested last season, when one staged Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska’s "Ashen Veil", dir. B. Murzyńska, and "Snack Story", dir. R. Talarczyk. This play will be an item of repertoire of Malarnia Stage. And what with you first diploma?

KG: We still don’t know, there are disputes all the time.

Are you playing now or did you already play on stage or on film set?

KG: When we both were at first year we played in "Oedipus the King", dir. G. Kampiński, in Teatr Śląski. For us it was an incredible entry into theatre matter and a promise of future actions. Now Marysia peforms in "Condemned to Blues", dir. A. Jakubik. I played in short SF film "Iron Cloud", dir. N. Wojciechowski.

Not long ago association Fourth Stage by Teatr Śląski was created. What kind of idea was behind it? 

MB: The founder and author of association is Michał Piotrowski, also student of our School. Goal of it is integration of School’s graduates, so they can meet and make theatre after leaving School.

KG: The association has very democratic guidelines and every one can propose what shall we do, what kind of plays we produce. First opening nights will be already in April 2015. Probably one of them will be the play we already talked about, "Wife for a Hat".

A month before ended festival Interpretations. What you think about this year edition? Which performance impressed you most?

MB: I have seen "Forefathers’ Eve" dir. by R. Rychcik and "The Wedding" dir. by M. Libera. I liked "Forefathers’ Eve" very much, because it’s quite new look at this drama, refreshing one. Since now I didn’t understand this work as I liked to, I couldn’t fathom it. After seeing Rychcik’s interpretation many things are clear to me now.

KG: Alas I could see only "The Wedding". Still I found idea of festival itsefl great, because one can see in one place in few days the most interesting performances from whole country.

In Katowice and in whole Siles there are some little theatres. Is it a good idea for functioning in the theatre milieu?

KG: By all means! If there is a need then one should make theatre everywhere it is possible. Little theatres have many assets. Most of all independence. And they engage and integrate a lot of talented and sensitive persons who don’t have other place to produce their plays.

After graduating do you want to bond your future with Silesia?

MB: I’d like to stay here where I come from – all the more so that for some years great job climate is created here and new possibilities are born to create culture, theatre. I find Katowice very develompmental city and I hope I will be able to do much here. Also in Silesia are many different theatres – dama and music ones – where I’d like to work in future.

KG: I’d also liked to play here but it’s obvious that young actors’ situation after graduating isn’t simple, so probably I will have to travel and look for a job, as majority do. So there won’t be roles that look for me, but I look for roles.

And at the end, what for you is the most fascinating in theatre?

MB: For me maybe this rapport that is created between actor and audience. And this moment, this second before curtain rising, this legs trembling and gasp, it’s really addictive. And smell of boards.

KG: Most of all this moment, where one creates a part and suddenly something clicks and you are this character you were working on so long and so hard. This beautiful culmination of whole artistic process.

Thank you for the conversation.

Sebastian Pypłacz, publication’s date: 2014.12.16


Did You ever consider how lightning opearators job look like? How many people takes care of it or what happens when there us no power?

The answers on these and other questions You'll find at my first vlog. 




Mariusz Partyka, publication’s date: 2014.12.11


Today in Teatr Śląski was concert of Katarzyna Groniec. The artist sang songs from her new album "ZOO z piosenkami Agnieszki Osieckiej" [ZOO With Agnieszka Osiecka Songs], also "Big Water", "Cocaine", "ZOO", "The Song About Birds Life"

More photos from the concert here: 

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Natalia Stryj, publication’s date: 2014.12.09


After half-year break bar-cafe theatre nether regions return on play-bill in new form & function. Since Saturday receives us with open wings ĆMA [The Moth] or new bistro-bar at Chamber Stage. But a change of name isn’t all. Also design and climat underwent revolution. Disappeared violet, Bellmer walls, instead appeared fashionable in this season gray, whiteness and red. Plus stylish minimalism and a tad bigger space. New interiors ideally fit in present Theatre image. 
This ĆMA is special because it  functions also during a day, indeed from 9.30 am one can have there fresh croissants and other breakfast delicacies, and I advise to take also hot chocolate or fresh brewed coffee. In any case all is fresh and prepared there; from cakes to small lunches, brunches and big lunches or snacks. 
What’s so nice with ĆMA? For sure with coming-out from nether regions to foyer, before Chamber Stage, where counters/tables will be by the windows with view on ul. Warszawska. Plus from New Year there will be there concerts, cabaret and film presentations, in foyer ("Muse in Foyer") and in premieses itself (f. ex "Thursday Jam Session"). I can’t turn a deaf ear to two host’s remarks: "we won’t kill with prices" and "there will be students discounts". I think it will convince even biggest sceptisc. 
ĆMA revels only few days even so it doesn’t complain about small number of patrons. Already during opening in Saturday night there were so many people, that there was no place for all. I wish always high attendance and from my part I promise I’ll report all news from theatre nether regions. So far let ĆMA feel at home in new place and wish it luck.  

Illustration by Robert Trojanowski