Sebastian Pypłacz, publication’s date: 2015.01.27


For sure You have been in Teatr Śląski builidng but do you know its history?

Mariusz Partyka, publication’s date: 2015.01.24


Some days ago I went with a camera to watch reharsal of the above mentioned play, dir. By A. Radzikowksa. More info about opening night and the place when one can see the play to come. And now, as an appetizer some pictures.

More phots on: https://mariuszpartyka.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/studium-proby-do-spektaklu-mezczyzna-ktory-pomylil-swoja-zone-z-kapeluszem/


Sebastian Pypłacz, publication’s date: 2015.01.20


Lately I asked some friends why do they more often read a book or go to the movies than go to the theatre? Answers didn’t suprise me, mine was the same. 
I am in theatre rarely but when I’m there – even at poor performance – I have a great fun. Because it’s exciting that every presentation is a little bit different and only people present have seent it, this moment, this dialogue performed with this emotion, this quavering. And then leave auditorium, theatre building I talk to my companions with whom I spent the night. I go back home, get asleep and once again some months pass till I see next performance.         

My interlocutors have some explanations why is it so. There appeared debating point concerning prices of tickets, but tickets are often at discount  prices, we don’t need to look far, Teatr Śląski informs at its social profiles about significant promotions. That’s why I won’t dwelve futher into this. 
Better and harder to disprove debating pont is lack of time, in fact problem that theatre is opened once a day, sometimes twice and rarely thrice – in Śląski matinees are once a month. In times when more and more people don’t work in standard hours 7am-3pm but often labours over a project or order till 6pm, 8pm or even next early morning its hard to get away for some hours to go to theatre. Plus add the same amount of time to prepare for the evening and ride. 
So should theatre be opened in the morning or later in evening? Good question, I bet on the second variant, performances without any problems could start at 9pm. In last years the same shift was at music scene, not long ago concerts started at 7pm, now stars appear on scene no earlier then at 9. 
It’s not the problem that I don’t like thatre, same is with my interlocutors. We don’t go to theatre beacuse it’s too demanding. It dictates time, dress code, and itself don’t guarantee in 100% quality, always this actor or that can be in worse form. 
If we  in our perception wouldn’t upgrade theatre to the level of – I hate this term – high art. If we wouldn’t be persuaded that performances lead to catharsis, then I think we could treat theatre as more common and more often come there. 
Only maybe theatre has to be uncommon and special and then how it has to function in a world ruled by maket economy? But actors and bills must be payed. 


Natalia Stryj, publication’s date: 2015.01.14



January is for me question time about what time may bring in coming year. As Teatr Śląski still stands and is quite well then we can predict it will have new premieres, maybe new names and new viewers, one hopes, and for sure new experiences and adventures.
Talking about performances… Still in this season there will be four premieres and some theatre events. In March is planned Polish presentation of "Nearly-Paradise", Irena Świtalska’s play created in Polish-Italian co-production. Opening night of produced at Teatr Astro stage performance  in Torino will be on 24th February, and plot is about a woman called Wiktoria, living in Poland during times of communism but also involved in Italian history. Director is Robert Talarczyk, actors are from Teatr Śląski and Torino. In April first in this year world premiere, "Black Garden" (dir. Jacek Głąb), adaptation of M. Szejnert’s reportage about history of Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec. All we know about the performance is it will take almost all troupe to produce it, and adaptation itself is a great challange. In May we’ll see new play written by I. Villqist on Theatre demand. At the end of the season is planned "Beautiful Twentysomethings" (dir. P. Ratajczak), from M. Hłasko autobiography and theatre western inspired by Silesians’ fates building a settlement in Texas (text is written by A. Pałyga, staging is prepared by R. Talarczyk and R. Urbacki). All this seems interesting and it’s only the half of 2015. What will bring next season? One doesn’t know but better don’t look so further ahead.
That’s all we know. Whereas it’s hard to  foresee what performances will stay on play-bill for long, what be proclaimed ground-breaking and what stir up controversies. One never knows which performance will bring fame and awards and which one be forgotten few weeks after premiere. Still what counts more? Good reviews and honourary mentions or viewer and character played by an actor? What good will bring sugary critics’ opinions when the auditorium is empty or worse, is filled with bored and dissatisfied audience? And why is so that experts x something but auditorium is full? So one can’t predict what will happen to a performance that doesn’t exist yet. But I’m curious what peformance will outshadow already recognised "Morphine" and when it happen? And maybe "Morphine" will overshadow all with its glare during next few season as was with "The Fifth Quarter of the Globe"? But I hope it won’t take so long for the next step to the crème de la crème.
And maybe its better to stay where one is now and doesn’t try at a push to equal great ones loosing on the way restraint and individualism?