State extramural examination, drama actor diploma

Duke Konstanty in "November Night" by St. Wyspiański
(dir. J. Zegalski, Teatr Śląski)

Antonio Salieri in "Amadeus" by P. Shaffer
(dir. J. Maciejowski, Teatr Śląski)

Papkin in "Revange"  by A. Fredro
(dir. J. Zegalski, Teatr Śląski)

Sganarel in  "Don Juan" by Moliére
(dir. B. Ciosek, Teatr Śląski)

Father  in "The Trap" by T. Różewicz
(dir. K. Babicki, Teatr Śląski)



Now this is the second place where I came into being – I had begun in Grudziądz, then three seasons in Olsztyn and now 37th season here. And surely it means something. I’am among great people.
Here I survived martial law, mine "Wujek" pacification. Here are buried my colleagues. And I light candles for them. There, where are graves, remains something important.




In season 1967/68 he began theatre career in Teatr Ziemi Pomorskiej in Grudziądz. In 1974 he joined The Stefan Jaracz Teatr in Olsztyn, from where after three seasons he moved to Katowice. In January 1978 for the first time he appeared in Teatr Śląski as Grzegorz Niezguła in a performance directed by B. Korzeniewski.
Next seasons in Teatr Śląski in Katowie have brought appreciated creations, also Duke Konstanty in "November Night", Caramanchel in "Don Gil of Green Breeches" (for this part in 1982 was given his first Golden Mask) Sajetan Temple in "Shoemakers", Salieri in "Amadeus" (Golden Mask 1985), Don Fernando in "Le Cid", Chamberlain in "Iwona, Princess of Burgundia", Alfred Doolittle in "Pygmalion", Mayor in "The Government Inspector", Publius in "Marble", Papkin in "Revange" (Golden Mask 1992), Erwin in "Slag Heaps", Major in "Fantazy", Priest in "Wedding", Sganarel in "Don Juan"(Golden Mask 1993), Fortunat Korzeń in "Peasant Millionaire", President von Walter in "Intrigue and Love", Vladimir in "Waiting for Godot", Karmazyn in "Liberation", Father in "The Trap" (Golden Mask 2003), Ubu in "Ubu, in a Word Polish" (The Lena Starke Award).
He created film characters in productions like "Sinful Life of Franciszek Buła", "Soccer Poker", "Homeless’ Sportground", "Death Like Slice of Bread", "Wojaczek". He twice played Ryszard Riedl’s Father, in film "Condemned to Blus" accompanying T. Kot and in theatre version produced by A. Jakubik on Teatr Śląski Main Stage.
During artistic work decorated with Bronze, Silver and Gold Cross of Merit and Outstanding Culture Activist Badge.