Łódź Film School



Bride in "Wedding" by St. Wyspiański 
(dir. Z. Bogdański, Teatr Śląski in Katowice)

Ewa in "He Left Home" by T. Różewicz
(dir. J. Maciejowski, Teatr Śląski in Katowice)

Old Woman in "Chairs" by E. Ionesco 
(dir. Z. Zasadny, Teatr Śląski in Katowice)

Queen Małgorzata in "Iwona, Princess of Burgundia" by W. Gombrowicz 
(dir. J. Czernecki, Teatr Śląski in Katowice)

Magus in "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" M. McDonagh
(dir. K. Deszcz, Teatr Śląski in Katowice)


I come from Eastern Borderlands, not from Silesia but when I had a chance to remove to Warszawa though I already had a contract with other theatr I broke it and stayed here. And let it be my answer to the question. It turned out this place meant for me more than I had thought. 




In her output she has more that 120 theatre and 25 telly parts (also 4 times Bride in "Wedding" by S. Wyspiański, Avril in "Purple Dust” by O’Casey, Cresside in "Troilus and Cresside", Olivia in "Twelfth Night ", Titania in "Midsummer Night’s Dream" by W. Shakespeare, Maryjohnny Rafferty in "A Skull in Connemary” by M. McDonagh, Marty in "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by E. Albee, Anna in "Madman and Nun" by. S. Witkacy, title part in "Miss Juliet" by A. Strindberg, and Countess Idalia in "Fantazy" by J. Słowacki. 
Laureate of Katowice City Mayor Artistic Award, Marshal of Silesia Voivodeship Award for Outstanding Acting Achievements, Rybnik Narcissus Award in category "personality of culture" and some Golden Mask Awards. Decorated with Gold Cross of Merit and Knight’s Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta. As a reward for longer than 10-years help during collection for monument rising (also in time of the harshest freezes) she got a honourary mention from KWK (mine) Wujek "Solidarity". In 2014 on the occasion of 50-years of artistic work jubilee there was published a book "Bogumiła Murzyńska. Nostalgic Biography", written during long rdv and conversations with Henryka Wach-Malicka.
Actress’es most beloved author is William Shakespeare – as she says herself "behind him nothing for a long, long time. And then all the outstanding rest". She has many passions; history (even when it’s difficult), pets (her home was always full of them, in some moment in cramped apartment she and her husband had five cats, two dogs and guinea pig), nature (if she could, every free moment she’d spent in mountains), journeys and her son. She also fell for work with youth, and she devotes it most of her free time – for ten years she has been teaching in Theatre School at Teatr Śląski, where she also directs diploma performances.