The Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków


Lady in Pink in "Oscar and Lady in Pink" by É.-E. Schmitt
(dir. G. Kempinsky, Teatr Śląski)

Barbara in "Run for Your Wife" by R. Cooney
(dir. W. Pokora, Teatr Śląski)

Berta in "Polterabend" by St. Mutz
(dir. T. Bradecki, Teatr Śląski)

Granny in "Th Fifth Quarter of the Globe" by K. Kutz
(dir. R. Talarczyk, Teatr Śląski)

Mother / Woman-Artisana Shop in in "Condemned to Blues" by P. Angerman, J. Kidawa-Błoński
(dir. A. Jakubik, Teatr Śląski)



Still exotic land, magic, coal-smelling, twinkling with whitness of cape jasmine, land of Kilar and Górecki, land that has a language of its own.
You can’t become Silesian, you can stay in Silesia. 



She was awarded The Leokadia Starke Award for Young Artists given by Katowice branch of ZASP (1991) . Then she was given Golden Mask Award by "Wieczór" for the part od Masha, Mayor’s daughter in "The Governemnt Inspector " by M. Gogol, dir. B. Tosza. Some years later she was awarded Golden Mask for acting and co-directing of "The Little Worm in Silk That Is and in Time Changes a Flavour Is", performed in Teatr Pierwszy and in 1995 was given honourary mention by Minister of Culture and Art in All-Poland Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Play for the part of Buffet Worker in "The Slag Heaps" by S. Bieniasz. In 2005 was given and award for the part of Lady in Pink in "Oscar and Lady in Pink" by É.-E. Schmitt during 2nd International Festival of Performances for Two Actors in Simfropol in Crimea. 
In Teatr Śląski company since 1986. She played 50 parts and more on Katowice stage, also film roles, f.ex. Marianna Popiełuszko in "Popiełuszko. Freedom Is in Us" and Zośka in serial "The Time of Honour".