The Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków


Iwona in "Iwona, Princess of Burgundia" by W. Gombrowicz
(dir. A. Keresztes, Teatr Śląski).         

Ophelia in "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare
(dir. A. Keresztes, Teatr Śląski).         

Juliette in "Rollercoaster" by E. Assous
(dir. A. Dopierała, Teatr Bez Sceny) 

Adela in "The Fifth Quarter of the Globe" by K. Kutz
(dir. R. Talarczyk, Teatr Śląski)

Tha Lady in "The Candle Went Out" by A. Fredro
(dir. J. Stuhr, TV Theatre)


My roots’ place. There my parents had met and brought me to the world. Since the day I was born I have been living in Katowice with educational intermission in Kraków. Silesia is my husband, my daughter, my parents, grandparents, in-laws, friends and of course theatre. There are also smells, places, mountains. As a girl I had a picture taken before Teatr Śląski and  I dreamt to play there. I love to travel, but I couldn’t live anywhere else. I’m hanys (Silesian) Radzikowska and I’m very proud of it.


Born in Chorzów. In 2008 graduated from Theatre Art Academy, her diploma part was Young Woman in "The Curse" by S. Wyspiański, dir. A. Polony. When at 4th year did also part of Simone also in K. Lupa’s performance "Workshop- Marat-Sade". 

Since 2002 connected with Teatr Śląski in Katowice, where she made her debut in B. Tosza’s performance "Fracas with Poland". On Katowice boards played also in "The Trap" dir. K. Babicki and Anita in "Mr Paul" (2004). After studies she get involved with Teatr Współczesny in Kraków, next in season 2009/2010 was full-time actress of Teatr Nowy in Zabrze. Since September 2010 for good actress of Teatr Śląski. Audience could see her in also in film parts, in "The Approaches" dir. M. Piekorz and "The Tree and Myself" dir. Ł. Nowak. 

Agnieszka Radzikowska is laureate of:
- 2nd Acting Award of 9th International Gombrowicz Festival in Radom for the part of Iwona in "Iwona, Princess of Burgundia"
- Mashal of Silesia Voivodeship Award for Young Artists, category: culture, the year 2010
- The Leon Schiller ZASP Award, the year 2011
- nomination for The Golden Mask Award 2013 for the part of Juliette in "The Rollercoaster" Teatr Bez Sceny
- nomination for The Lena Starke Award for the part of Juliette in "The Rollercoaster" Teatr Bez Sceny
- nomination for The Lena Starke Award for the part of Sophia in "Cinema!" Teatr Śląski