The Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Wrocław department


Mickiewicz in "Mickiewicz" from A. Mickiewicz
(dir. A. Hanuszkiewicz, The C. K.. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra)

Fior in "Operetta" by W. Gombrowicz
(dir. M. Prus, Teatr Muzyczny in Słupsk)

Macheath in "The Threepenny Opera" by B. Brecht
(dir. J. Nyczak, Teatr Muzyczny in Słupsk)

Gonzalo in "Trans-Atlantyk" by W. Gombrowicz
(dir. E. Kutryś, M. Grabowski, Teatr Śląski)

Pchełka w "Antigone in New Yourk"” by J. Głowacki
(dir. B. Tosza, Teatr Śląski)

Mazurkiewicz in "Queen of Madagascar Soldier" by J. Tuwim
(dir. T. Bradecki, Teatr Śląski)

Mr Paul in "Mr Paul" by T. Dorst
(dir. G. Kempinsky, Teatr Śląski)

Jorg in "Polterabend" by St. Mutz
(dir. T. Bradecki, Teatr Śląski)

Senator in "Forefathers’ Eve" by A. Mickiewicz
(dir. K. Babicki, Teatr Śląski)


The place where winds of history inspired painful and tragic, and sometimes happy and beautiful events. I was many places worldwide (also Caracas, Bogotá, San José, Panama, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Algiers, Cologne, Madrid, Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest, Lvov, Vilnus, Moscow, Jalta, Stockholm) and I think anywhere people live so seriously and responsable and same time boisterously, smoothly. Standoffishly versus things that can’t be resolved and that makes them simple. With so great – and accepted by myself – sense of humour I experience everyday and I learn from my neighbours and friends 



Some of more than 100 parts played:

1. The C.K. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra and Teatr Muzyczny w Słupsku:

Don Juan in  "Don Juan” " by Molière (dir. K. Pankiewicz)

Mickiewicz in  "Mickiewicz" from A. Mickiewicz (script and dir. A. Hanuszkiewicz) – Bronze Spire Award

Demetrius in "The Midsummer’s Night Dream" by W. Shakespeare (dir. H. Tomaszewski)

Shadow in "The Shadow" by W. Młynarski (dir. A.Obidniak)

Author in "Story about the Merciful" A. Suassuna (dir. A. Obidniak)

Eutyfron in "Homer and Orchid "T. Gajcy (dir. A. Obidniak)

Maestro Fior in "Operetta" by W. Gombrowicz (dir. M. Prus)

Macheath in "The Threepenny Opera" by B. Brecht (dir. J. Nyczak)

Octave in "Scapin’s Deceit" by Molière (dir. J. Pieńkiewicz)

Alfred in "Husband and Wife" by A. Fredro (dir. M. Grzesiński)

Cesare Borgia in "The Shadow" by W. Młynarski (dir. J. Pieńkiewicz)

Meryk in "By the Road" A. Chekhov (dir. R. Peryt)

2. Teatr Śląski (since 1979):

Don Ricardo in "Don Gil of the Green Breeches" by T. de Molina (dir. J. Czernecki)

Adalbert in "How Are You?" by K. Kąkolewski (dir. M. Pawlicki)

Onek w "Hunchback" by S. Mrożek (dir. B. Tosza)

Stranger in "Kordian"" by J. Słowackiego (dir. J. Zegalski)

Acaste in"Misanthrope"by Molière (dir. J. Zegalski)

Tadzio in "The Manor at Narwia River" by J.M. Rymkiewicz (dir. B. Tosza)

Beniamin in "He Left Home" by T. Różewicz (dir. J. Maciejowski)

Zadig in "Zadig" by G. Coulonges (dir. J. Maciejowski)

Karmazyn in "The Liberation" by St. Wyspiański (dir. J. Błeszyński)

Krogstad in "The Doll’s House" by H. Ibsen (dir. J. Zegalski)

A Mant in "Ambassador" by S. Mrożek (dir. J. Zegalski)

Bartolo in "Figaro’s Wedding" by P. Beumarchais (dir. B. Tosza)

Hary Berlin w "Luv" by M. Schisgal (dir. J. Czernecki)

Actor B w "Rehearsal for Seven" B. Schaeffer (dir. B. Tosza)

Papageno in "The Magic Flute"  by W.A. Mozart (dir. J. Niesobska, M. Korwin)

Macheath w "Sexual Evil" by K. Weill (from his songs) (reż. J. Opalski)

Gonzalo in "Trans-Atlantyk" by W. Gombrowicz (dir. M. Grabowski, E. Kutryś) – Golden Mask Award

Desiderius in "Kikerikiste" by P. Maar (dir. H. Adamek)

Rittmeister in "Ladies and Hussars" by A. Fredro (dir. M. Wojtyszko)

Pchełka in "Antigone in New York” " by J. Głowacki (dir. B. Tosza) – The Lena Starke Award, ZASP Silesian Branch

Lizusiewicz in "Peasant Millionaire" by F. Raimund (dir. P. Szalsza)

Clown in "Cat and Mouse" by G. Grass (dir. B. Tosza)

Mickiewicz in "Ballads and Romanses" by A. Mickiewicz (dir. I. Jun)

Karau in "The Call of the Toad" by G. Grass (dir. H. Adamek)

Violonist in "Slaughterhouse" by S. Mrożek (dir. B. Zaczykiewicz)

Friar Laurence in "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare (dir. B. Zaczykiewicz)

Farmer in "Requiem for Housekeeper" by W. Myśliwski (dir. B. Tosza)

Mazurkiewicz in "Queen of Madagascar Soldier” " by J. Tuwim (dir. T. Bradecki) – The Lena Starke Award, ZASP Silesian Branch

The Strange One in "Kitta Kergulena" by D. Rzontkowski, T. Skorupa (dir. J. Papis)

Wilhelm Feldman in "Fracas with Poland" by M. Wojtyszko (dir. B. Tosza)

Hubert Finidori in "Life X 3" by Y. Reza (dir. M. Rosa)

Arnold Crouch in "Not Now, Darling" by R. Cooney, J. Chapman (dir. M. Sławiński)

Mr Paul in  "Mr Paul" by T. Dorst (dir. G. Kempinsky) – Golden Mask Award

Men in Wheelchair in "The House Destined to Demolition" by J. Rykała (dir. J. Rykała)

Tiresias in "Oedipus the King" Sophocles (dir. G. Kempinsky)

Krystian in "Little Goose" by N. Kolada (dir. K. Materna)

Mareczek in "The Dairy" by J. Rykała (dir. J. Rykała)

Capulet in "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare (dir. K. Babicki)

D. Cheney in "Stuff Happens" D. Hare’a (dir. A.S. Paul)

Baptisto in "The Taming of the Shrew” by W. Shakespeare (dir. T. Bradecki)

Householder in "The Wedding" by St. Wyspiański (dir. R. Zioło)

Jorg in "Polterabend" by St. Mutz (dir. T. Bradecki)

Porfyry in "The Crime and Punishment" by F. Dostoyevsky (dir. K. Babicki)

Dr Pappenhein in "Badenheim 1939" by A. Appenfeld (dir. P. Szalsza)

La Feu in "All’s Well that Ends Well" by W. Shakespeare (dir. T. Bradecki)

Alfred Ill in "The Visit" by F. Dürrenmatt (dir. M. Piekorz)

Senator in "Forefathers’ Eve" by A. Mickiewicz (dir. K. Babicki) – Golden Mask Award nomination

Uncle Tarabuk in "Sinbad the Sailor” by B. Leśmian (dir. J. Kilian)

Husband  in "My ABBA" by T. Man (dir. K. Deszcz)

Maximilian in "The Robbers" by F. Schiller (dir. K. Babicki)

Scanlon in  "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’sNest" by K. Kesey / D. Wasserman (dir. R. Talarczyk)


3. Collaboration with Teatr Yota, Teatr Kandyd, Estrada Śląska, ZPiT Śląsk, Gliwicki Teatr Muzyczny:

Harlequin in "The Trip (Story from Start to the End)" (script and dir. Z. Waszkielewicz)

Old Man in "The Happy Event" by S. Mrożek (dir. H. Adamek)

Cześnik (Cup Bearer) Raptusiewicz in "Revenge" by A. Fredro (dir. B. Tosza)

Szymon Ścigała in "The Wedding at Upper Silesia" by St. Ligoń (dir. H. Konwiński)

Tito Merelli in "Lend Me a Tenor" by K. Ludwig (dir. M. Sławiński)

4. TV Theatre:

Dr Lamprecht in "Laughter in the Dark" by V. Nabokov (dir. F. Bajon)

5. Film and TV:

"Near and Near" (serial)

"Life as It Is" (serial)

"The Kick" (serial)

"Red Spider’s Gang" (serial)

"Splinters" (dir. M. Pieprzyca)

"Emilka Cries" (dir. R. Kapeliński)

"The Informer" (dir. R. Kapeliński)

"Frist Love" (serial)

6. Dubbing:
Several dozen parts in animated cartoons.

Colollaboration with TVP Katowice:

Ujek Erich in programme "Ujek Erich’s Gramophone" (script and dir. M. Smolorz, W. Sarnowicz)

Decoration and Honourary Mentions:

Bronze Cross of Merit

Silver Cross of Merit

Golden Cross of Merit

Knight’s Cross of Order of Polonia Restitura

Oustanding Culture Activist

Oustranding Member of ZASP

Teatr Śląski Medal

Bronze Medal "Of Outstanding Merit for Culture, Gloria Artis"