The Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków

MOST IMPORTANT ROLES (all peformed in Teatr Śląski in Katowice): 

Sister Anna in "Madman and Nun" by S.I. Witkiewicz
(dir. J. Bunsch)

Lady Milford in "Intrigue and Love" by F. Schiller
(dir. K. Babicki)

Queen Małgorzata in "Iwona, Princess of Burgundia" by W. Gombrowicz
(dir. A. Keresztes)

Gertrude in "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare
(dir. A. Keresztes)

Irina Arkadina in "The Seagull" by A. Chekhov
(dir. G. Gietzky)


Place where as it happened I live=work/work=live.
Place where I meet people in lift/shop/strolling/in church… 
The inhabitants who don’t tell me, were they born in Silesia, still they decide to live here. Their kindness/openess/warmth/honesty/diligence/light. 
Born in miner family, where mine was always first!
There are telephone calls after which Father always was not for the family=was for the mine=went down=rescued=protected.
His Miner’s Uniform now’s hanging in wardrobe(I won’t throw it away on "HASIOK" [rubbish bin])
Bron in Jaworzno, Kraków Voivodeship/Katowice Voivodeship/Silesia Voivodeship?
Am I from nowhere…




Since 1991 bonded with The Stanisław Wyspiański Teatr Ślaski in Katowice. In 1994 given 1st prize for part of Aniela in "The Mainden’s Vow" by A. Fredro (dir. A. Polony) at All-Poland Theatre Confrontations in Radom. The laureate of All-Poland French Song Festival in Lublin (1966). In 2000 awarded Golden Mask for part of Lady Milford in"Intrigue and Love" by F. Schiller (dir. K. Babicki). Year latere she was given honourary mention at 26th Opole Theatre Confrontations "Polish Classic" for the part of Muse in "Liberation" by St. Wyspiański (dir. K. Babicki). In 2002 was given President of Poland Bronz Cross of Merit and Oustanding Culture Activist badge by Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The laureate of 2nd place in plebiscite for the most popular actor in Teatr Śląski in season 2005/2006. She also was given award for the part of Seamstress II in "The Seamstresses" by P. Sala (dir. A. Celiński) at 7th Contemporary Drama Festival "Reality Presented". In 20th edition of "Subjective Theater Actors List" critic J. Sieradzki listed her in category: victory, appreciating her part in The "Seagull".