Three theatre halls (The Main Stage, The Chamber Stage, The Malarnia Stage) may be a place of jubilee, benefit performance, conference, training course or meeting. We provide professional audio and lightning equipment, screen, mulimedia projector and space for catering services (club hall, foyer, coffee shops).

If You are interested in renting or if You have question in this matter, please call or e-mail our business contacts specialist, Ms Emanuela Żukowska:

e-mail: e.zukowska@teatrslaski.art.pl 
tel. 32 259 75 07 ext. 250
cell. +48 608 301 658





In our storeroom You’ll find many different stylish costumes for adults (but not for children ). It’s worth to use them, especially during carnival time, Santa Claus day or Halloween and according to individual needs (photo session, promotion, ball, senior prom, etc.).

Contact: Berta Witowska, tel. +48 514 842 764
Rental storeroom opened Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, after prior appointment on the phone
Price: 70 zł per costume (for 3 days), 100 zł (for 7 days), Santa Calus costium (60 zł (for 1 day) + refundable deposit 100 zł.
Penalty for the late return: 35 zł/day.





In Teatr Śląski artistic archive is stored and preserved documentation of premieres and other artistic events. First You can find here all programmes and posters of presentations, photos, press cuttings stored since beginning of the 90’, VHS and DVD recordings, scores, texts of plays, etc. The oldest document is a collection of about 50 programmes and photos from interwar period. For sure to the most prized materials from the postwar era belong manuscripts of W. Kilar’s compositions wrote for Teatr Śląski performances and a collection of photographer B. Stapiński’s negatives who for 20 years has been documenting opening nights at our stage. Since season 2013/2014 Teatr is a participant of Śląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa.
We make available resources of the archive to scholars, students and persons interested in history of Teatr Śląski. Written plea is necessary.

If You are interested in collection in our archive please contact Ms Anna Podsiadło, our artistic archive specialist, responsible for the theatre book library.
e-mail: a.podsiadlo@teatrslaski.art.pl 
tel. 32 259 75 07 wew. 218





Unique occasion for birthday party in stage space (for children and youth 5-15 years old). W propose: sightseeing of the theatre, stage, walk behind the wings, getting-to-know secret and hidden places such as: prompter booth, stage manager and prop manager stations, trapdoors, orchestra pit, scenery store, dress rooms etc. Guest can get to know tricks of trade of the theatre make-up and take part in short study of offering of birthday cake on stage. Every party is organised according to individual needs. Cost: approx. 200 zł if a group is 10-20 participants.

If You are interested in having birthday party for Your kid/kids in the theatre or You have questions in this matter, please contact Ms Renata Janiszewska, our educational activities specialist.
Tel. 032-2587 251 w. 286 lub 505 050 025 
e-mail: r.janiszewska@teatrslaski.art.pl





Our theatre cafeteria has its patrons. Except theatre workers for inexpensive and tasty lunches come many people from next door. The cafeteria is opened in working days 9pm-7am, lunches are served from 1am. In menu traditional, homely Polish and Silesian kitchen, also take-away main dishes.

The bistro is on 2nd floor, entry from ulica Warszawska..
Tel. 32 258 72 51 w. 230