Theatre School

Theatre School


Theatre School Principal: Marek Rachoń

tel. +48 32 258 72 51 ext. 205, 218


Barbara Bielaczyc
Alina W. Chechelska
Ryszard Czaja
Barbara Dutkiewicz
Artur Fredyk
Jerzy Głybin
Antoni Gryzik
Anna Kadulska
Adam Koenig
Jerzy Kuczera
Wiesław Kupczak
Anna Majer
Roman Michalski
Bogumiła Murzyńska
Anna Podsiadło
Agnieszka Radzikowska
Marek Rachoń
Wojciech Sanocki
Paweł Sobierajski
Jarosław Stypa
Jacek Szarański
Maria Stokowska
Anna Tytkowska
Andrzej Warcaba


One and only in Silesia region theatre school at a theatre that gives its students a chance to obtain stage theory and practise and one cooperating with prized directors. During past decade more than 100 students had begun education there, and majority of them received school diploma granting right to have an examination before ZASP (Polish Stage Artists Union) commission. Today our graduates work in different Polish theatres (also in Teatr Polski in Wrocław, Teatr in Bydgoszcz or Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów) or do their own artistic productions. Some of them continue professional career in music business or in television. 

Every years students prepare professional diploma performances, both from classic and modern repertoire. One of the last diploma entered for good Teatr Ślaski repertoire ("Snack Story"), giving young artistist job possibility. Even during educational process many students and graduates have possilibity to take part of Teatr Śląski productions, they have become part of the company also in "Morphine", dir. E. Marciniak, they play in "The Fifth Quarter of the Globe", dir. R. Talarczyk, or "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest", dir. R. Talarczyk or in music performance "Condemned to Blues", A. Jakubik’s conception. 

Teatr Śląski Theatre Schools works on daily basis and education process lasts three years. Main subjects are: basics of acting, interpretation of poem and prose, poem and prose scenes, diction, voice projection, musical training, stage song, eurhythmics, dance, acting for camera, self-presentation-audition. 


  • basic of acting
  • interpretation of poem and prose
  • scenes played in verse and prose
  • diction
  • voice projection
  • music education
  • stage song
  • rhythmics, dance and fencing
  • history of drama
  • history of Polish theatre
  • history of culture
  • psychology with basic informations about philosophy
  • work before a camera
  • selfpresentation- casting

Well-proportioned physique, expressive diction and voice, music sensibility and dance skills, dexterity.
Entrance exam consist of: dance and rhythmics, diction, checking voice and hearing, recitation of three poems (one contemporary), presentation of fragments of prose (old-Polish and contemporary), verse monologue (form classic play), elementary actor assignment (exercise on given subject), qualification conversation.

Studies span 5 terms, 6th is for diploma performances.


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