Opening night

The Chamber Stage

Regular Tickets:
35 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
30 zł


Ingmar Villqist script, directing, set design


Ewa Kutynia

Bernard Krawczyk

Grzegorz Przybył

Artur Święs

Zbigniew Wróbel


Joseph Conrad’s artistic output makes him one of the most well-known artist worldwide, who introduced values coming from Polish identity to world culture. As universal writer he took up topics important to Old World. Already 100 years ago he described a vision of Europe without borders being a base of lasting peace among European nations. Impact of Conrad’s artistic output on contemporary literature has timeless dimension and his works, as "Lord Jim", "The Shadow Line", "Heart of Darkness", or "Secret Agent" for ever became a part of required reading canon.

On an occasion of Conrad’s Year we invited Ingmar Villqist who in our Theatre did recently auteur "A Boy with the Swan" and "The Street of Crocodiles" by B. Schulz to have a closer look at a great writer. The play Conrad will be based on plots from the writer’s biography and on thoughts from his novels. By means of the play and events accompanying its opening we’ll try to reconsider why it’s worth to reach out for Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski’s works right now.

The performance cofounded by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. 

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